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In the world of fundraising, every dollar counts, which is why matching gifts have become a valuable tool for nonprofits looking to maximize their impact.

Matching gifts allow nonprofits to double or even triple their donations. By partnering with corporations that offer matching gift programs, nonprofits can tap into an additional source of funding without putting an extra burden on their donors.

However, the process of managing matching gifts, from identifying eligible donors to submitting the necessary paperwork, can be overwhelming for nonprofits and businesses alike. That’s where matching gift auto-submission comes in.

In this guide, we’ll explore everything you need to know about matching gift auto-submission, including:

Whether you’re a nonprofit interested in doubling your donations or a business looking to optimize your CSR program, auto-submission is your key to success.

Interested in matching gift auto-submission? Learn more in Double the Donation’s dedicated guide.
The Basics of Matching Gift Auto-Submission

Review the following frequently asked questions to understand the intricacies of this powerful fundraising strategy:

What is Matching Gift Auto-Submission?

Matching gift auto-submission is a trailblazing feature made available through Double the Donation and its CSR platform partners—including Millie, Selflessly, POINT, and more. It allows donors to automatically submit their matching gift requests to employers without the need for manual intervention or additional documentation.

How does Matching Gift Auto-Submission Work?

Traditionally, donors looking to participate in a matching gift program are required to navigate to their company’s matching gift portal, search for and locate the charitable organization of their choice, and enter the nonprofit’s name, mailing address, and tax ID number.

Once the individual has selected the correct listing from the search tool, they are prompted to provide information about their donation⁠—such as payment type, donation amount, and the date of the gift.

An graphic that represents how the matching gift process is streamlined with matching gift auto-submission, explained in the text.

Matching gift auto-submission streamlines this process, helping nonprofits raise more matching gift revenue without any additional effort from donors. Here’s how it works:

  1. An individual donates directly through a nonprofit’s website.
  2. The donor is asked to enter their corporate email address, provide the name of their employer, and submit their match!

Because auto-submission software is paired with the nonprofit’s donation form and the employer’s CSR platform, all remaining information will automatically be filled out.

Top Benefits of Matching Gift Auto-Submission

Matching gift auto-submission is a win-win for all parties involved. Explore the benefits for nonprofits, donors, and corporations:

For Nonprofits

Matching gift auto-submission simplifies the process for donors, making it more likely that they will complete a matching gift request. This, in turn, increases the amount of revenue that nonprofits receive, effectively doubling or even tripling donations.

Additionally, auto-submission can be an effective tool in major gift fundraising, as 1 in 3 donors give larger gifts when matching is applied to their donation.

For more information on how matching gift auto-submission benefits nonprofits, watch this video:

For Donors

Matching gift auto-submission makes it much easier for donors to request a match from their employer. Rather than having to navigate complex corporate matching gift procedures, donors only need to provide their corporate email address and opt-in during their initial donation. This streamlined process eliminates the need for donors to complete and submit match requests manually, saving them time and effort.

For Corporations

Implementing auto-submission reflects positively on a corporation’s image and reputation, as it showcases their commitment to corporate philanthropy. Employees also appreciate the convenience of auto-submission, which can lead to increased engagement and overall employee satisfaction.

How Nonprofits Can Get Started With Matching Gift Auto-Submission

Nonprofits with the necessary matching gift software can easily implement auto-submission functionality. However, only donors who work at companies with the right CSR platform will be able to participate.

Fortunately, there are a few steps that nonprofits can take to get started:

Invest in Matching Gift Software

While not every supporter will have access to auto-submission, you should still invest in a solution like 360MatchPro by Double the Donation to process, track, and manage matching gifts. This reduces the risk of errors and ensures that eligible donations are not overlooked. It also streamlines administrative tasks, allowing your staff to focus on other critical fundraising activities.

Prioritize matching gift software that has the following features:

  • A user-friendly interface: The software should have an intuitive and user-friendly interface for both donors and nonprofit staff. Donors should be able to access information about their employer’s matching gift requirements, and nonprofit staff should find it easy to manage requests.
  • Comprehensive database: Ensure that the software has an extensive and up-to-date list of companies that offer matching gift programs. This saves time and effort in researching matching gift eligibility for each donation.
  • Integration with online donation platforms: The matching gift software should seamlessly integrate with your online donation platform and other fundraising tools. Integration allows donors to access matching gift information when they donate and is crucial in automating the matching gift process.

Before you make an investment, read software reviews and ask other nonprofits for their recommendations. Use their feedback, in addition to the software’s cost, scalability, and features, to guide your decision-making process.

Promote Matching Gift Auto-Submission

Nearly 80% of donors are unaware if their company offers a matching gift program, causing $4-7 billion in matching gift revenue to go unclaimed each year. Use these strategies to promote matching gifts to donors and ensure that they’re aware of the impact that the extra funding can have:

  • Include matching gift information in donation receipts and acknowledgments. When sending out donation receipts and acknowledgments to donors, include a short message about matching gifts. Explain how donors can check their eligibility and inform them that, if their employer uses the right CSR platform, they can access an exciting new auto-submission feature. You should also provide information on how to start a matching gift program, in case their employer doesn’t offer one at all.
  • Create a dedicated matching gift page on your website. Create a page on your nonprofit’s website that features a searchable database of companies with matching gift programs and step-by-step guides on how to submit matching gift requests with and without auto-submission.
  • Engage in email and social media outreach. Send out email campaigns and use social media platforms to raise awareness about matching gift auto-submission. Highlight the impact of matching gifts (regardless of whether or not they are submitted with auto-submission) and remind them to check their eligibility.

If you ever have the opportunity, you should also promote auto-submission to CSR platform vendors. Explaining the benefits of auto-submission might convince them to make the necessary updates to their product and increase the number of donors who have access to the feature.

Provide Donors With Clear Instructions

Make the auto-submission option highly visible and easy to use during the donation process. Include a checkbox or clear call-to-action on your donation page that asks donors if they want to opt in for auto-submission. Use concise and compelling language to explain the benefits, such as “Automatically double your impact. Check here to submit a matching gift request to your employer.”

How Businesses Can Get Started With Matching Gift Auto-Submission

Take these steps to maximize the ease and effectiveness of your company’s CSR program via auto-submission:

Ensure your CSR platform Integrates with Double the Donation

To access auto-submission, your CSR platform needs to integrate with Double the Donation, the leading provider of matching gift software. Begin by reviewing the CSR platform’s website for information related to integrations, third-party services, or matching gift programs. Check if Double the Donation is mentioned as a supported integration.

If you’re unable to find information about the integration on the platform’s website, reach out to their customer support or sales team. Inquire about the availability of the Double the Donation integration and ask for guidance on how to set it up.

As previously mentioned, you should feel empowered to advocate for an integration if it’s not currently available. Your feedback and requests could influence future updates or enhancements to the platform.

Engage Employees in Matching Gifts

Once your CSR platform is integrated with Double the Donation, you can begin leveraging matching gift auto-submission. Here are a few ways to engage employees throughout this process:

  • Provide educational resources: Offer educational resources and tools to help employees navigate the matching gift process with ease. This can include creating user-friendly guides, FAQs, and step-by-step instructions for submitting matching gift requests. Hosting workshops or webinars on the topic can also be beneficial, as it allows employees to ask questions and learn more about the program’s benefits.
  • Recognize and celebrate participation: Recognize and celebrate employees who participate in the matching gift program. Acknowledge their generosity and commitment to charitable giving through internal recognition programs, such as “Matching Gift Champions” or “Philanthropy Heroes.” Consider publicly sharing success stories of employees who have had a significant impact through matching gifts to inspire others to get involved.

Additionally, you can create friendly competitions or challenges to encourage participation. For example, you might track the number of matching gift requests submitted by different teams or departments and offer prizes to the teams that excel in driving participation.

A Final Note About Matching Gift Auto-Submission

Keep in mind that auto-submission is a relatively new topic in both the mission-driven and for-profit sectors. Stay up-to-date on information and guidance regarding the functionality to maximize your organization’s success.

To learn more about matching gifts and auto-submission, explore these additional resources:

Streamline corporate giving program with matching-gift autosubmission. Contact Double the Donation to see if your CSR platform integrates with this powerful technology.

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