Update: Unfortunately the following project has been discontinued, but it was a clever and fun way to bring attention to the well-deserving charities WWF World Wildlife Fund and the ASPCA. This post is the first in the series of guest posts on “How Others Raise Funds”.

Zorro The Traveling Cat!

by: Eric of Zorro The Traveling Cat!

CATs, Traveling, Donations… Three words that each mean a lot and can be used in the same sentence when you think of Zorro The Traveling CAT; the CAT that donates in order to help out animals in need and helps you discover interesting places to visit!

We started this site because we wanted to honor our little buddy and we also love traveling. We contribute every month to the SPCA and World Wildlife Fund as we believe in their missions and goals. Now, Zorro The Traveling CAT has become something that represents so much more then we’ve ever anticipated! We receive wonderful emails and photos that help us discover what a great World we live in. Hopefully you will learn and enjoy too!

We invite you to submit a photo of your travels or a local landmark; if the site on your photo has a great story behind it, or the site has historic value, even better!

Zorro’s site will post up to five contributed photos a month, based on photos that meet our “quality standards” and in order of submission. In the future, we would like to make donations of $10 per photographic contributions, as of now, the maintenance costs of the website limit us to a budget of $7.00 per submission.

Once we post your photo, we will send you a proof of transaction by email (SPCA will send it directly to your email address) and we will also post it on the web site (hiding your full name of course!).

If you would like to contribute a photo(s) and have a donation done in your honor, please follow these steps:

1. Send your high-quality photo through our website. We will add Zorro!
2. Provide a brief description of your photo.
3. Include the city/town, state/province and country of where your photo was taken.
4. Let me know if you want me to contribute $7.00 to the World Wildlife Fund or to the SPCA.
5. If you want to receive your $2.00 for your photo contribution, please leave me your PayPal email address so I can deposit the amount!
6. We would also like to know where you are from! City/town, state/province and country!
7. Please note that we cannot accept photos that depict people.

That’s it! When you’re ready to submit your photo, please visit us at Zorro The Traveling Cat!

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