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From the outside, fundraisers seem fairly simple and straightforward; but there is an awful lot of work involved in running even the simplest fundraisers. No doubt your child’s fundraiser could use the sorts of skills you practice in your work as a work at home parent everyday.

How Can You Help Your Child’s Fundraiser?

There’s no telling how you can help your child’s fundraiser to bigger and better success. Quite likely, the things that you do everyday in your work at home job or work at home business – without even realizing that you do them – are skills that your child’s fundraising leaders are desperate for. What you take for granted as routine is a highly valuable skill that is in high-demand for volunteer-poor fundraising campaigns.

To give you a taste of how your skills and expertise as a work at home parent might help, look at just a sampling of the work entailed in running a successful and profitable fundraiser:

• Bookkeeping
• Computer work (ranging from brochure and document design to marketing materials to programming and website design and much more)
• Accounting
• Communications (phone calls, emails, public speaking)
• Public relations
• Recruitment
• Physical labor, both light and heavy work
• Child care, overseeing and leading children’s groups
• Sales
• Marketing
• Arts & Crafts
• Community outreach
• Vendor and service management and organization
• Organizational leadership and service (so many positions need to be filled)
• Writing (letter writing, copywriting, marketing…)
• Networking
• Legal filings
• Permitting and zoning
• Catering, cooking, serving, wait staff
• Grant writing

help your child's fundraiser
Your skills can help your child's fundraiser!

Depending on the fundraiser, all of these services and many more could be required. Even the most basic fundraiser will require people to manage organizational jobs and basic accounting and marketing. You truly cannot tell from the outside looking in what assistance your child’s fundraising group might need that you could easily offer. Moreover, there’s no telling what promising fundraisers your child’s group might be yearning to try if only they could access skills and expertise like those you posses.

How Will They Know You Can Help?

There is probably only one way that your child’s fundraising group will know how you can help – if you offer your time and services. Talk to the group, a representative, or attend a fundraising meeting and offer what you can. Keep in mind that these groups are not always looking for a professional per se, and that the skills you’ve gained in any of these areas will more than suffice; so even though you may not be a professional bookkeeper, your familiarity with bookkeeping as a WAHM or WAHD is sure to be useful. Rest assured your child’s fundraising group will be more than happy to utilize whatever skills you can offer and will be appreciative of your willingness to volunteer. Put yourself out there and see what you can do today to boost your child’s fundraiser with the skills use everyday in your work from home.

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