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Non-profit groups have funding needs that are not easily satisfied with a single product sale or donation campaign. Many organizations find that their biggest annual fundraiser is often an event as opposed to simple product sales.

Fundraising Events – Some Things to Consider:

To decide on a fundraising event, your group first has to assess your group’s resources, including the resources within your community capable of supporting an event.

Consider your work-force, planning lead times, available support funds, volunteer support, in-kind donations, and venue options. When you have a grasp on how many volunteers and how much money is available to get the event off the ground, you’ll know what kinds of events you can consider.

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Ideas for Your Events:

A world of options awaits as you plan your fundraising event. It is limited only by your resourcefulness, your resource base, and your imagination. Here, we’ve provided some popular ideas for fundraising events, but feel free to add your own creative twist for something new!

Fundraiser dinners – an affordable dinner for a good cause is an old stand-by that works wonders. Large meals that serve many for pennies on the dollar are great, and remember that the menu choice is yours – Italian, BBQ, Holiday dinner, gourmet foods….also consider that a brunch, breakfast, tea, or mocktail hour might also work well.

Entertainment – plays, movie nights, concerts, comedy night…all are great non profit fundraising event ideas. Couple these with dinner, too, and you’ve suddenly created a night-out package with great appeal.

Family fun – parents and children are always looking for affordable entertainment and activities. Any type of family fun is a great money-maker for events. Consider game booths for ring toss, horseshoe toss, balloon darts, raffles, rubber ducky race, etc.

Gala ball – sometimes something a little more up-scale is in order, either because your organization portrays that or because that’s the only thing different you can offer! Plan a gala ball (even a more affordable family version) to spark new fundraising event interest.

Fashion show – show your class and style and the latest fashion trends. Charge an admission and possibly even hold an event sale or auction, which leads us to…

Auctions – non profits have the benefit of generous donor support – and you don’t always have to ask for cash! In-kind donations can go even further when arranged in an enjoyable auction, which can also be extended into the online venue.

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Tournaments – give supporters the opportunity to compete and show their stuff! Hold a golf or other sport, game, or card tournament complete with sales, refreshments, entrance fees, prizes, and more!

Holding a fundraising event is a wonderful way to bring in money and provide fun and entertainment for all. Consider, though, that the outreach of an event fundraiser goes further than its profit – they also have the potential to educate the public about the organization, gain exposure for your group, recruit new donors and volunteers, and solicit in-kind donations.

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