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If you are looking for a truly unique fundraising event then consider a wine tasting fundraiser. This type of fundraiser event takes some special planning considerations but can be a big hit!

The key to a successful wine tasting fundraiser

The main ingredient to a great wine tasting fundraising event is great wine of course! Yes, it is important to find an appropriate venue, have plenty of volunteers at hand and plan for decorations and music, but getting the best possible wine for your event should be at the top of your list.

Getting great wine can most easily be done through merchant partnerships. Be picky when you shop for a supplier and select partnerships according to the merchant’s wine expertise and their ability to get you the best wines and good prices.

Also make sure that you ask your wine distributor to help sell tickets to your event. They are sure to know plenty of wine lovers!


wine tasting


Wine experts

It is important to pick a merchant who will not only be able to supply many great bottles of wine at a discounted price, but the wine expertise as well. Not everyone who attends your event will be a wine aficionado that’s why it’s important to make sure you have experts there to lead the tasting, to answer questions, and to give the event the feel of an official wine tasting.

Discuss with your wine experts how you would like the event to go ahead of time. You can equip these experts with microphones as they educate the guests on each wine. They can stroll from one table to the next as they describe the wines to make the whole event more engaging. But before the tasting event begins make sure that the bottles are already present on the tables so that guests can inspect and discuss them. This will encourage conversation at the tables and get the party going.

Publicity is essential

This type of fundraiser – even more than other types – depends on publicity. You need to generate excitement about your wine tasting fundraiser while making sure that you encourage both wine connoisseurs and those who can only tell red from white to attend. This is a fundraiser so you need to work extra hard to advertise in such a way that does not make those who wish to attend feel that they are not wine savvy enough.

Join up with other charitable organizations to include their supporters. You can do the same for them the next time they have a fundraiser. Issue press releases and run TV and radio spots if possible. Advertise early and often.


wine tasting sign


A note about tickets

Make sure that tickets to your event are available not only through your organization directly but that you also sell tickets through local merchants. People are more inclined to buy tickets from merchants they already know. Many people will seek out your organization but it’s to your advantage to make getting tickets easy for everyone.

A wine tasting fundraiser takes a little extra work to publicize but is an elegant way to raise money. You can associate your charitable organization with a classy event such as this and attract donors with the desire to give and the ability to do so. This unique fundraiser lets you raise money in style!

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