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The following is a guest post by Galit Fraser, owner of My Notecard Maker. Thanks you for the fundraising idea Galit!

Notecard fundraisers are easy, economical, and popular, especially with schools and churches.  They offer a great way to showcase students’ art, photos of animals, weddings, inspirational quotes, and more.

Tips for using a notecard fundraiser for your group:

  • Use bright, colorful art.  Marker drawings are best, though paintings and collages can work well too.
  • Use a variety of art works in each box, sorted randomly, to show off all your kids’ best work.
  • Include your organization’s motto or an inspirational saying to keep the reader thinking about you long after they close the card.
  • Recognize your hard-working staff and volunteers by including them in your notecard pictures.
  • Have samples on hand when you take orders to show your customers exactly what they’ll be getting.

Once you’ve chosen your pictures, the next step is to make sure your notecards are exactly what you need them to be.  Check, check, and check again!  Follow your card printer’s recommendations on picture quality and file formats, and don’t be afraid to ask for proofs.  (My Notecard Maker, for example, provides both paper and electronic proofs for a nominal fee.)  Give yourself enough time for your order to arrive before your big event. Depending on your printer, you could be looking at a 2-6 week turnaround. Then watch your notecards fly out the door!

Notecard Samples

There are many advantages to notecard fundraisers:

  • Expect to net significant profits—around $6/box, or more, with My Notecard Maker. (This will vary by printer).
  • Notecards are almost endlessly useful: use them for wedding gifts, thank-you notes, teacher appreciation, new babies, mother’s/father’s day, grandparents, and more.
  • With your group’s name and contact information on the back of the card, or on the box, you’re sure to be remembered.
  • Notecards don’t spoil, go bad, or devalue.  If you don’t sell your entire stock at one event, you can store them until next time.
  • Ordering more is easy, when you do run out.
  • Kids love to draw, and using their art is a great way to involve them in your fundraising, and teach them early on that giving to others helps everyone.
  • Notecards can be sold practically anywhere, such as craft fairs and back-to-school nights, as well as one at a time from your office, or even online.

Notecard fundraisers are a great way to raise money in any circumstance, but especially in tough economic times.  With these suggestions and a reputable company, your notecard fundraiser is sure to be a success.
About the author:
MyNotecardMaker.com is owned and operated by Galit Fraser, a stay-at-home Mom of three young boys.  My Notecard Maker is part of the My Calendar Maker family of sites – started by Galit seven years ago after her first child was born. She has six years of fundraising experience and enjoys working with organizations to raise money for their cause.

In times like these, every organization looking to raise funds needs to find a way to heighten the appeal to their target audience.  What better way to do this than with personalization?  Companies such as MyNotecardMaker.com offer unique, customized notecards, ready for your handwritten message.

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