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T-shirt fundraisers are a popular way to raise money for all sorts of different activities. Some people use t-shirts to raise money for local charities, while others use t-shirt fundraisers to cover adoption costs, medical expenses, and kids sports teams.

T-shirt fundraisers are a fun and creative way to raise money. Raising money with t-shirts are particularly effective because:

– Your supporters are rewarded with something they can actually use
– T-shirts can be used to spread awareness long after your fundraiser is over

Because of these two unique advantages, more and more organizations and individuals across the country are launching t-shirt fundraisers every day. Today, we’re going to highlight the five best ways to launch a fundraiser with t-shirts if you want to make your fundraising campaign a success. (More about nonprofit t-shirts.)


t-shirt for fundraiser

5. Sell T-Shirts at Sporting Events

If your t-shirt fundraiser involves a local sports team, then you’ll find plenty of support at local sporting events. Support a minor football team by selling t-shirts at a nearby professional football game, for example. Set up a table outside a stadium near tailgate celebrations or sell t-shirts to fans walking around the concourse during the game.

The biggest advantage of this fundraising method is that you’re appealing directly to your target audience. Most sports fans want to support sports teams in their local area, and many of them will be happy to buy a t-shirt in support of that cause.

4. Give Away T-Shirts as Raffle Prizes

Raffles are an excellent form of fundraising. With raffles, everyone buys a ticket. Some of those ticket holders win prizes – like say, a t-shirt. One of the main advantages of giving away t-shirts through a raffle is that you may only have to manufacture a small number of t-shirts while still raising the same amount of funds in support of your cause. You can set the raffle ticket at whatever price you need in order to offset the costs of manufacturing the t-shirts.

3. “Keep Calm and…” T-Shirts

For whatever reason, t-shirts with the phrase “Keep Calm and ____” have skyrocketed in popularity in recent years. One possible reason for their popularity is the fact that you can add any phrase to the shirt. If you’re creating t-shirts for a charity bike race, for example, then you can create a t-shirt with the phrase “Keep Calm and Bike On”. These shirts are trendy and can easily be customized for virtually any activity in the world.

2. Use an Online T-Shirt Fundraising Website

Online t-shirt fundraising websites have exploded in popularity over the last year. T-shirt fundraising websites operate on a simple concept: if you sell a minimum of 50 t-shirts, they will manufacture those t-shirts, give the proceeds to you, and then mail those t-shirts to your contributors.

In some cases, these t-shirt fundraising websites will even design a t-shirt for you. All you have to do is spend a few minutes writing a description of your fundraiser and the cause it’s going towards. And the best part about online fundraisers is that you can reach out to thousands of friends, family members, and strangers in seconds. Share your fundraiser’s URL with Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, or any other places where it could garner support.

If you’re looking for a risk-free, easy, and effective way to launch a t-shirt fundraiser, then online t-shirt fundraising websites are the way to go. Forbes.com recently created a list of the best fundraising websites on the internet today.

1. Create Team Spirit with Team Fundraising T-Shirts

Many fundraisers go to support some type of team. Your ‘team’ may be a sports team. Or, it could be a family reunion team, a math team, or a team in support of a local animal shelter. Whatever kind of team spirit you’re trying to inspire, a team-themed t-shirt is an excellent way to raise funds while also spreading an important message.

T-shirt sales are a popular and effective way to raise support for any type of cause. From the internet to sporting events, there are a number of easy ways to make sure your t-shirt fundraiser is as successful as possible.

About the author:
BonfireFunds.com makes it easy to raise money for any cause with custom t-shirts. The entire process is totally free, no inventory to buy and zero risk. We handle the design, printing and shipping of your shirts – you just spread the word to your supporters. Launch your own t-shirt fundraiser today!


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