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Online magazine fundraisers boast a number of advantages; online magazine fundraisers are inexpensive, easy, profitable, and ongoing, bringing in significant profits both at first launch and for many months beyond. They also have the advantage of being boundless – your group can inexpensively and easily outreach to people anywhere in the country, and benefit from sales of friends and relatives anywhere.

Online magazine fundraisers do require some effort on an ongoing basis to keep them profitable. Here are some extra things your group can do to increase the profitability of your online fundraising campaign.

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Tips & tricks for successful online magazine fundraisers

  • Launch your online magazine fundraising store via email and include a convenient link directly to your site.
  • Build as large an email list as possible for your launch and for all reminder emails; include all group members and associates, and strongly encourage them to forward the email to friends, associates, and family members.
  • Be sure to include in the email that this is not just a one-time deal; that the store will remain open and they should come back repeatedly to renew or order new magazines they see elsewhere.
  • Personalize your online magazine fundraising store space by using colors that represent your organization; add photos of your group working hard and having fun.
  • Include a strong appeal on your website; tell visitors who your group is, what you represent, why you need money and how online magazine fundraising profits will be spent – show them exactly how they are helping and why that is good!
  • Tell your visitors what’s in it for them personally; in most cases, ordering online through your magazine fundraiser will result in great discounts for your supporters.
  • Create friendly competition among members by offering incentive programs and setting goals.
  • Utilize address import features for e-mails and review lists to make sure everyone you know is included.
  • Send reminder e-mails and thank you notes to keep your campaign visible and promote ongoing participation.
  • Mention your campaign in all communications; discuss the effort on blogs, websites, and forums.
  • Use any print material resources you have such as newsletters and local media to advertise your online magazine fundraiser.
  • Re-launch your online magazine store at least annually so that all new group members are aware of the ongoing campaign, and so that old group members renew their fundraising resolve.

Creating a large outreach is the key to success and big profits with online magazine fundraising campaigns. The more people you can communicate with, the more potential you have for orders; since not everyone will participate, your email address list should be as large as you can manage. And list maintenance should be ongoing, ever growing the list so that new customers are added as often as possible.

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