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Stationary fundraisers can include but also go beyond holiday card and gift wrap fundraisers

Stationary Fundraiser Basics

Stationary fundraisers are usually run via the brochure sales method. Your partnering fundraising company will supply brochures and order takers for sellers to present to buyers. Orders are usually paid for at the time of order. After the order taking period is ended, orders will need to be tallied and placed with the company. When the order arrives, the bulk needs to be sorted into individual seller’s orders and delivered.


stationary fundraiser



Stationary fundraisers have a number of benefits over other fundraisers, and even over holiday gift, wrap, and seasonal stationary fundraisers.

  • Stationary is consumable, so the fundraiser can be repeated in the future
  • Stationary fundraisers extend the appeal of seasonal stationary and gift wrap products; all-occasion or year-round stationary options can be run as part of a seasonal wrap/card fundraiser or entirely separated from them.
  • Little or no up-front expense
  • Non-perishable
  • Stationary fundraisers can work well in combination with other product fundraisers (i.e., selling the gift and the wrap or selling as affordable alternative to other pricier products).
  • Stationary fundraisers open up the opportunity for unique marketing angles such as ‘Support Our Troops’ campaigns, selling stationary for pen pal programs, or selling to support sponsorships of missionaries, impoverished children, etc.

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Personalized Options for Stationary Fundraisers

Groups are not limited to the stationary designs offered by fundraising companies. For a more personal angle, groups can have stationary made from artwork submitted by the children or a talented artist in the group. Personalized stationary fundraising options appeal more to parents, grandparents, friends, and family members who enjoy using their own child’s or acquaintance’s artwork as representation in their communications. There’s a certain ‘brag factor’ involved.

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Types of Stationary Products Available

For both commercially designed and personally designed stationary, a variety of fundraising stationary products are offered. These include (but may not be limited to, depending on your company)

  • Greeting cards
  • Holiday/seasonal cards
  • Personalized CD covers
  • Scrap booking prints/materials
  • Printed/personalized gift items
  • Stationary sets
  • Memo sheets
  • Gift wraps
  • Accessories

Stationary fundraisers are easy to run and work well for groups who have logistical difficulties managing large perishable orders. Stationary fundraisers are one of those events that need to be timed somewhat carefully, but when your group finds the balance in timing and offerings, a stationary fundraiser is one that your group can run year after year with ease.

If you’re looking to implement a stationary fundraiser, consider working with a local printer and get wholesale pricing for customized stationary products, or sell customized stationary online through free online shops such as Cafepress.com.

You could also create your own stationary and calendars. Many computers already include free software for this purpose, or you could engage some of your students or team members who like graphic design or photography to create them for you.

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