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I can seem overwhelming to keep coming up with quirky and original ideas for your next fundraising event.

We know that people respond best to events and initiatives that capture their imagination and encourage an element of fun and participation, but how do we go about it? How can we get volunteers and donors excited about taking part in our next fundraising event?

The following fundraising projects have managed to do just that, by showing off and using original ideas for raising funds, all while having lots of fun! Be sure to use the internet incl. social media to promote your event!

If you’re short on ideas or need some inspiration, take a look at the following:

Show off: Firefighter’s Calendar

South Florida’s Firefighter’s Calendar is one of the most successful calendar fundraisers to date. The idea of having buff firefighters model for a fundraising calendar “was destined to light fires in the South Florida public and raise awareness of important community issues”.

To date the non-profit organization has raised over $240,000 to benefit charities such as the Miami Project to Cure Paralysis, Habitat for Humanity’s Hurricane Andrew Fund, Ronald McDonald Children’s Charities, Neighbors 4 Neighbors, Best Buddies, Cystic Fibrosis, Safehaven for Newborns and Here’s Help.

If you’re planning on a calendar fundraiser like this one, be sure to include a calendar signing event!

Florida Fire Fighters Calendar


Try risqué: The Women’s Institute Calendar

A different sort of calendar fundraiser: In 1999, a group of Yorkshire women took part in the design, photography, production and distribution of a nude calendar as part of their local Women’s Institute. The calendar was created to raise funds for Leukemia research. The calendar proved so successful, with the women “wearing nothing but pearl necklaces, hats and strategically positioned floral displays and culinary equipment,” that it lead to the women being immortalized in the comedy Calendar Girls, starring Helen Mirren.

Calendar Girls movie poster


Set a world record: The world’s longest scarf

The Ty Hafan scarf, at 33 miles long, is the longest scarf in the world. It was hand knitted by over 2,000 people in Wales to raise money for Ty Hafan Children’s Hospice and then donated to Feed The Children, on the basis that having raised money for the hospice it could now help other children in other parts of the world. Read more about their fundraising activities, including their Midnight Sleep Walk.

World Longest Scarf


Have fun: The Rubber Duck Race!

Another UK fundraiser, Claire House in Liverpool hosted an immense Rubber Duck Race, which released 40,000 giant rubber ducks in the Liverpool/Leeds Canal to race! Ducks could be sponsored and the winning duck owner received a cash prize. For more info and pictures, visit their duck race website.

Rubber Duck Race


Stick it to the principal: Duct Tape Fundraiser!

The “Duct-Tape-The-Principal Fundraiser” idea supposedly originated with a creative middle school principal in Kansas. Principal Mark Buck, of Medicine Lodge Middle School in Medicine Lodge, Kansas, challenged his students to collectively read 400,000 pages during the school year. He agreed that if the students could read that much, he’d let them duct tape him to the gym wall!

For lots of photos of fundraising and non-fundraising related duct tapings visit the Wall Taping Gallery of the Duck Tape Guys. Be sure to read the ‘warnings’ section.

duct tape



Need more fundraising ideas?

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