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Fundraising booths are elemental in fundraising; and there are plenty of opportunities to set up a fundraising booth of any kind.

Where to Set up Fundraising Booths

Fundraising booths can be set up by themselves in areas of high traffic for a solitary event, or they can be part of a larger event or fundraising carnival.

Many times booth space will be rented to interested fundraising groups for a fee.

Watch area newspapers and bulletin boards for available rental spaces, or look within your own organization events for opportunities.

Events and locations that might welcome fundraising booths include:

* Local storefronts
* Area banks and businesses
* Community tag sales
* Craft sales
* Recitals, plays, or shows
* Community fairs or carnivals
* Trade shows
* Fundraising carnivals
* Events such as games and sporting events, dances, and community dinners

Important: Be sure to apply and get permission much in advance. Popular spaces are often booked many months in advance.


tips for setting up fundraiser booths and shows - image of booth


Preparing Setup

Before the big day, you’ll need to put some time into planning your booth’s display. It should be sturdy, attractive, and inviting. Plan for any kind of weather! If your booth provides shade or shelter from the rain, it may also attract more visitors.

The first thing you will need to know is how big a space you have to work with. Measure out the area and set up a practice display ahead of time.

Collect all needed items and create displays well in advance of the event. Some supplies you might need include:

* Folding tables and chairs if not provided
* Canopy, sun umbrellas, partition to a neighboring booth
* Paper/plastic bags
* Small shelves, racks, and display cases
* Tablecloths
* Tape
* Posterboard
* Markers
* Decorations
* Calculators and sales inventory materials
* Boxes or totes for storage
* Change and small bills
* Don’t forget your permits, should they require to be displayed

Simple Steps for Planning and Setting Up

These simple steps will ensure a well organized, successful, and attractive fundraising booth set up.

* Arrange tables and cover with cloths
* Arrange shelving and display cases
* Decorate with seasonal or event-related themed decorations
* Clearly mark prices of all items and/or arrange price signs
* Arrange products so that all are clearly visible and neatly arranged; step back to make sure your booth is attractive, clean, inviting, and neat
* Hide all cartons, trash, and extra items
* Centrally locate seller’s chairs, cash box, calculators, and all sale materials
* If space is limited, put out just a few of each item and restock as necessary
* Plan for keeping cash and expensive or small items safe

Keys to Success

There are a few keys to fundraising booth success.

* Have an attractive product and display it invitingly
* Be well organized and staff volunteers ahead of time
* Place reminder calls a few days before the event
* Important: line up plenty of volunteer support, including back-up volunteers
* Volunteers should be scheduled in shifts so that the maximum amount of selling time can be managed without burning out a few volunteers

And last but not least, make it a fun event! Friendly faces representing your group go a long way to making your booth-based fundraiser a positive and memorable experience for everyone!

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