Fast, simple, fun, and profitable – if you think these are great attributes of a fundraising product, you need to know about fundraising with scratch cards. Great also if you have little time to plan and you need to start a fundraiser NOW!

Is it a lottery?

Scratch cards in general are usually associated with state lotteries, but scratch card fundraisers are not at all linked to any kind of lottery or payout and they are not raffles either. They are a fun and fast way to collect money for an organization without having to push unwanted products.


scratch card fundraiser card

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How are scratch cards sold?

Each selling member of your organization will devote to selling ‘x’ amount of cards; alternatively, you can set the amount of cards each member receives, and do your best to see that each seller reaches their ‘sales’ quota.

Fundraising scratch cards are not actually sold. Scratch cards are presented to potential supporters. Sellers explain the process to them, and the supporter scratches off a dot. Under the dot is a dollar amount. Amounts generally range from one to five dollars.

The supporter agrees ahead of time to donate the amount of money that appears below the dot they have scratched. So if a supporter scratches off a dot that reads $4.00 under it, the supporter pays the seller $4.00. Each card has a maximum and a minimum amount under the dots, so the supporter will know before they scratch that they will be donating at least the minimum and no more than the maximum (usually no more than $5.00) unless they want to donate more to the cause.

What if supporters want to give more?

Supporters can keep scratching the card until they have donated as much as they want to give. Donors can scratch as many dots as they want, and pay the sum total of all scratched dots. Of course, they can always scratch more than one card, too, but having donors scratch several dots saves on the wholesale cost of the cards, stretching the supply further.

What’s in it for supporters?

Essentially, supporters get the satisfaction of knowing that they are helping an area organization meet their needs, for just the donation of a few dollars and a minute of their time. There is no real product to sell, but most supporters do not mind spending a few more dollars something fun that greatly profits an organization. With scratch card fundraisers, overhead is quite low – just the cost of the cards – and profits can be as high as 90%.

Knowing that everybody likes a little something for their time, money, and effort, however, most scratch card donation programs will include the gift of a sheet of coupons for supporters, or some other small prize.

What makes scratch card fundraising so great?

Scratch card fundraising is great because it raises significant funds with low overhead in a fun way, plus there is no subsequent delivery, storage, sorting, or distribution to contend with. It does take ‘selling’ quite a few scratch cards to see significant income, but for organizations with a wide outreach capability, scratch card fundraising is an excellent way to raise immediate cash funds.


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