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Following is a sample donation request letter (ideal for email) for raising funds on GivingTuesday. Feel free to copy it and modify it for your fundraising needs. For any other use, please contact us. (More fundraising letters and templates…)

This sample fundraising request is for raising funds on GivingTuesday for a food bank from a student but can be easily modified to your specific needs.


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giving tuesday fundraising appeal letter - sign



I bet you’re still stuffed from turkey, taters and pie, as I am. But did you know that at least 18 percent of our town is hungry some or all of the time? That’s the rate of “food insecurity”. That’s thousands of people, including kids just like me, who probably did not have much of a Thanksgiving meal. They do not eat dinner everyday, or have to skip breakfast or lunch. 

I’m reaching out because my 8th grade class this year wants to do something about this! This GivingTuesday, we are pooling together to raise funding for our regional food bank [food bank name]. They provide over a ton of food a month for parents that cannot afford to buy food for their kids. They need cash funding specifically so they can supplement the canned and dried foods that grocery stores give them with fresh milk, cheese and vegetables. 

Our goal is to each of us students raise $200 by the end of day on GivingTuesday, for a total of at least $5,000 to help. That money would provide food for over 600 people, for two whole months!  

Our teacher, Mr. Smith,  told us about GivingTuesday, which is now the largest single day of giving back to charities in the whole world. He wanted us to pick a charity to raise funding for in our community, and some of our classmates had different suggestions. 

One of our classmates told us about [food bank name]’s support for her family, and how it was changing their lives. Her father passed away two years ago, and her mom has been struggling to work full-time and take care of her and her 4-year old brother. She has a decent job, so she does not qualify for food stamps or any of the welfare programs. But her income is not enough and she is struggling to pay the mortgage on her house, the electric and the gas and water. She has to work until real late too. Our classmate and her brother usually have to scrounge together a dinner from chips, soda or whatever else they can find in the mostly barren cupboards. 

A neighbor was over babysitting one day and noticed how little food the house has. She asked our classmate, who told her that Mom just couldn’t afford to go to the grocery much more than once a week. She had to pick between the necessities, like toilet paper or another carton of milk. Often they played rock/paper/scissors to decide which one to buy! Then they’d eat their cereal with water that week (or drink only water for breakfast). 

The neighbor asked around and heard about [food bank name]’s door-to-door program. They qualify families like our classmate’s, and volunteers then bring a big bag of groceries twice a week to the household. The bag has easy to make healthy meals for kids and lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. 

Our classmate told us that since they started coming to her house, her whole family was better. She can concentrate much better in school now, and her brother is much less cranky! Mom is happier too, with one less burden on her shoulders. 

That’s why, our class picked [food bank name] unanimously from our charity choices! We want to make sure they have enough funding to keep providing food to families like our classmate’s family and to all the others we don’t even know about but that need food just as much or more. 

I can’t think of a better Christmas present this year. We hope you’ll help us out, by making as generous a gift as you can. Even $5 helps! Though a gift of $40 would be great – that level sponsors an entire family. 

All you have to do is click here. You can pay with your ApplePay app, PayPal through my Facebook link, or a credit card. You can text us at xxxxxx too, with the amount of the gift you’d like to make. Your cell phone company will charge you on the next bill. Or just email me back here or post on my Facebook page that you want some more information, and I’ll reach out personally. 

Thanks for reading through my email, and for giving as much as you can today to this amazing charity!

All the best,


(Supervised by Teacher Mr. Smith at XYZ School)


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