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Following is a sample fundraising letter to be used for raising funds for medical expenses. You can use this appeal for direct or email requests, but also for any of the online fundraising sites. (See most popular fundraising sites and services here.)

Feel free to copy, modify and paste as needed. For any other use please contact us.

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sample fundraising letter medical expenses


Dear Friends,

We’re reaching out to let you know that we are kicking off a campaign to help Coach Amy and her family, and we need your help!

You may have heard that Coach Amy’s youngest daughter, Clara, was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer last year. Three different specialists have recommended a new treatment that is now routine in France and Germany, but insurance will not pay. They claim it is still too experimental. It will cost the family more than $50,000 to travel to Europe and pay the doctor bills at a private clinic.

We all love Coach Amy because she has a fierce spirit and inspires so many children and others in our community to be their best. She often stays overtime at the basketball court to help a teammate, too, sacrificing precious time she could be spending with her own family.

The effects of this illness are devastating her family, however.  The prognosis, with the medicine, is a 55 percent survival rate, with a full recovery. The other options, which insurance will cover, include painful chemotherapy treatments. They only have a 25 percent survival rate and low chances for full remission.

The family has appealed the insurance company, but with no luck. The local bank has agreed to give them a high risk loan, for which they have to mortgage their home for a second time. The payments will be over $1,800 a month for 3 years, meaning that Amy or her husband will have to get a second job.

We can’t cure Clara, but we can help ease the financial burden and resultant stress that the family is facing. Our goal is to raise the entire $50,000 for them, to pay back the bank by the end of the year.

You can help in the following ways:

  • Give a gift today on our giving page [link here]. For a gift over $500, local restaurant Beechies will thank you with a free dinner for 4!
  • Think about pledging a monthly gift toward the loan payments, which we hope to pay with donations as we raise the rest. [link here]
  • Help us fundraise with your own fundraiser! If you can’t afford to give yourself, please think about pledging to fundraise from your own friends and family on her behalf. If you can attract 10 donations of $25, it would have a great impact.
  • Help us collect donations for our silent auction, which will be held at the school in 2 months. We can use anything of value, though our theme is going to be basketball in honor of the Coach. (Follow our Pinterest board for Basket Ideas for Fundraisers here.)

If you have other ideas, we are happy to hear them as well. Otherwise, please consider making as generous a gift as you can today, or pledging to do so in the coming months toward our $50,0000 fundraising goal.



Parent Association

P.S.: Please take a minute right now and make a donation. Coach Amy, who has given so much to us and our families over the years, truly needs our help!

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