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  • Sample Earth Day Fundraising Letter for a Sports Team or School Group

Following is a sample donation request letter that could be sent from a sports team, school group, or charitable organization to their community and neighboring communities.

Feel free to copy it and modify it for your fundraising needs. For any other use, please contact us.

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Dear Friend,

What are you doing for Earth Day? No plans? We have some great ideas of how you can participate, by helping us fund one of our Earth Day team projects!

Our team picks a great cause every year and rallies together to make it happen. This year, we unanimously agreed that we need to take action for Earth’s future. We just couldn’t ignore the facts that:

  1. If we just plant or save one trillion trees on Earth we can dramatically reduce the effects of climate change. That sounds like a lot, but really it’s just around 130 trees per person.
  2. Do you like flowers, fruit, vegetables, grains, and food in general? Well bees are the primary pollinators that make all those things happen! Nearly 1 in 4 native bee species in North America is in peril or at risk of becoming extinct. They need more pesticide free habitat, and quickly!
  3. We only end up recycling less than 10% of plastics in the US. If we recycled the other 90%, more than twenty millions tons of plastic could be kept out of landfills.

Our team, in 3 groups, will implement the following projects for Earth Day:

  • Plant trees for carbon storage! We are working with a local nursery to plant 200 trees around the playing field. They are donating 50 trees, and selling the rest to us at wholesale cost ($5 each). Project cost – $750.
  • Build a bee happy habitat! A native plant and landscaping business is donating 50 bee and butterfly friendly native plants for a garden project next to the school, if we can raise funding for another 50. Project cost – $300.
  • Put plastics in their place! Our municipality has not been recycling plastics for 3 years, due to cost. Our plastic has been ending in landfills. A local business has agreed to upcycle plastic from our community into containers for their products if we can coordinate collection! We are raising funding for 3 metal bins to be placed in the high school parking lot, with clear signage on how to separate different plastics for recycling. Project cost – $900.

My group is in charge of the trees.

The nursery will only donate the 50 trees if we raise enough funding for 150 others. That means that

  • for a donation of $100, you would be helping to plant 26 native trees in our local community, and
  • for a donation of $250 you would help plant 67 trees!

Even a small donation, of only $5 or $10 would have a tremendous impact on our project goals.

We have to raise this funding first, by April 15, to have the trees delivered and ready for our planting event. That is why we are asking you to please give as generously as you can today!

You can either mail a check, or through our PayPal donations link which can be found here (URL).

Thank you for carefully considering your participation in our event, and for all that you do to help our team and the community!


Student/Team Member

P.S.: Please take a moment, decide on a donation amount and send it via check or PayPal! Without your donation, we can not plant enough trees. Our future is in your hands!

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