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Following is a sample donation request letter for wind project that could be used by  a school PT organization to parents, but could easily be adapted for any other group or nonprofit as well. Read more about fundraising for wind energy projects.

Feel free to copy it and modify it for your fundraising needs. For any other use, please contact us. (More fundraising letters and templates…)


sample fundraising letter wind energy


Dear Parents of Our School:

We have an exciting opportunity to get a Wind for Schools grant this year for OURTOWN High School. Though total project costs are $20,000, we only need to come up with $3,500 total in matching support to jumpstart the project! That is why we are reaching out to you today for a gift that will serve your children directly and thousands more to follow.

You may not realize, but OURTOWN High School spends more money on electricity than any other line item except for teacher salaries. We pay a whopping $75,000 a year on average to power our classrooms.

The project will install a 2.5 kW turbine that will produce at least 4,400 kWh of electricity annually. Because we can sell back the wind to the grid when school is in session, our net revenue from the turbine will be at least $2,000 a year. That means that in only two years, the project will pay for itself!

What is more, the program comes directly with a STEM-based curriculum for students to learn more about the science and engineering of wind technology. We currently rank in the bottom half of our state in math and science, putting our kids at a distinct disadvantage for competitive jobs in the future. These types of hands-on learning experiences not only improve math and science understanding, but also create greater interest in our children to pursue academic paths that lead to success in the future.

All we need is a commitment of $3,500 by the 1. of February to fill out the application and enroll in the process to install a turbine. That is why we are reaching out to you today, as a member of our PTA and a parent of a child that will directly benefit from the STEM education component, with a gift today.

We have some added benefits and perks as well, from our local installation partner FLY HIGH ENERGY, if you pledge or send your gift before the deadline of 1. January:

  • For a $100 pledge or gift, FLY HIGH will provide you a free household consult to install a wind turbine at your residence.
  • For a $250 pledge or gift, FLY HIGH will give you a 15% discount on a wind energy project booked within the next 2 years.
  • For a $500 pledge or gift, FLY HIGH will give you a 30% discount on a wind project booked within the next 2 years.

(Please email us for exact details of these pledges.)

We will also list all donors, at any level, on an official founders’ plaque to be placed at the base of the turbine.

We cannot think of a better way to serve our students’ education and to help our school reduce their overhead costs going forward for years than with this amazing wind energy opportunity. Again, we need to show commitment to the government by February 1 for all of the required matching funds, so please give as generously as you can today!


PTA President

OURTOWN High School

P.S.: Remember, if you act by January 1 you will qualify for generous perks! Make your donation or pledge today!

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