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Coming up with new ways to raise money can be a hassle, but when it comes to Relay For Life, fun ideas which are easily scalable are still the way to go. Whether you choose to just use one of these ideas or all of them, you’ll be sure to raise money and increase your supporter base for years to come!

Just Throw A Party!

One classic way to raise money is through a good old-fashioned fundraising dinner, or even dinner and dance. You can charge a flat admission fee to cover your costs and to raise money. You could even add a cash bar for an additional fundraising opportunity. This type of event is easy to pull together as all you need is a proper location, a theme, suitable decorations, tables and chairs, and good food and drink. It could be planned as an informal party at at a community park that includes kids and neighbors, or as a classy dinner party at a country club, or both! Plan according to your supporter base.

Try A Fashion Show

Fashion shows have always been lots of fun and can draw in large amounts of women and men too. You can make a fashion show anything you want it to be and earn all that you need to from the cost of admission. You can use your own volunteers as models – popular community personalities can be a major draw – and/or hire professionals. This fundraising option also allows you to make the event into what you want it to be using the resources at your disposal. You can always tack on an auction to make more money by selling the fashions being shown or selling other donated items.

Serve A Pancake Breakfast

A pancake breakfast is a simple fundraiser that draws all types of people in. Perfect for families, this type of fundraiser allows you to raise funds with only the simplest of preparations. All you need for this pancake breakfast is a place that allows you to set up several plug-in griddles. For a more elaborate breakfast a community room that sports a full kitchen will be more appropriate. Like any fundraiser you will have to put a lot of effort into advertising, but this type of event is a sure crowd pleaser. If you can manage to secure a high traffic location then a few signs outside your venue will probably draw in a fair amount of passers-by too.

Use A Billboard

A large part of the American Cancer Society’s Relay For Life events is that it gives everyone a chance to celebrate the lives of people who have battled cancer and remember loved ones lost. You can use a billboard to honor loved ones and support cancer research by allowing people to post the name of a loved one who is fighting or who has fought breast cancer and by asking for a donation at the same time. This could be preset amount, or a voluntary donation.

You have to be the judge of how to best combine the billboard with the fundraising activity. In some cases it may only make sense to add the billboard to another event, and in other instances it might be ok to use the billboard as the fundraiser itself. Since writing names on this board will be emotionally charged, it may not feel right to tie a monetary donation to it. On the other hand, people may feel more inclined to give in order to help others fight the disease. You’ll have to decide what will be right for your own event.

In any case, having a billboard is a nice way to honor those who have had to fight this disease. Having a Relay For Life event where the names of loved ones are clearly posted helps to make this event special and personal for everyone whose life has been touched by cancer.

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