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Whether your group has a website or not, there are several different ways to fundraise online. Keep reading, if your group already has a website, or read Part 2 if your group doesn’t have a website.

If you’re looking for an online fundraising service that lets you create your own fundraising campaign and page, click over to 15 most popular online fundraising services.


raise funds online first part



Asking for donations on your website:

– If your site already has a lot of visitors,
consider adding a “Donation” button. PayPal.com offers a very simple way of accepting donations online: supporters can pay by credit card or through direct debit and there aren’t any set-up fees. You only pay a small percentage on each amount donated. You can also try Google’s Checkout service, but in order to display their ‘donate’ button you have to be a certified 501c3 non-profit. (Tip: Raising funds online may present new legal considerations for your group. It may be best to consult your legal adviser before raising funds online.)

– If your site has only a few visitors,
you can add donation buttons to your site, but you should also spend some time promoting your site on the web. With simple marketing techniques, including social media marketing and e-mail campaigns you can easily increase the amount of visitors to your site. The more visitors you can attract to your site, the more people can learn about your cause and donate to your cause!

Read more about increasing traffic to your fundraising website:
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Selling products online to raise funds

You can also sell products online in order to raise funds for your group. You could create your own online store, but an easier alternative would be to set up your own hosted store on a site like CafePress.com, or create an account with an online charity mall like iGive.com. Setting up your non-profit with eBay is also a viable option: you can sell donated goods and services through their auction feature, or sign up through their Givingworks Program

Another very lucrative fundraiser is an online magazine fundraiser. Read more about Running A Successful Online Magazine Fundraiser.

Once you’ve set up an account with any of the services above, you can simply send visitors from your site to the respective sites and each sale will generate income for your group!

Use an online donation service for your fundraising campaigns

You don’t need to have your own website for this, but when you set up a campaign with one of the popular online fundraising services, you can send visitors to your website over to your campaign. You can also send visitors who go directly to your campaign to your website for more information about your group and your campaign.

Be sure to collect email addresses!

Any type of online fundraising will be easier and more lucrative, if you have a substantial e-mail list, since it is important to send out periodic messages to remind people to buy through your site, or other websites’ programs your group is signed up with. Having a website isn’t even necessary for some online fundraisers, since all the ordering, e-mail management and payments are done through the fundraising company’s website. However, having your own website can greatly contribute to the amount of visitors taking part in your online fundraising efforts.

Get into the habit of always collecting e-mail addresses at functions, meetings, or on your website. Of course, assure anyone who signs up that you won’t use their e-mail addresses for anything else, but for the sole purpose of keeping them informed about your cause.

People will appreciate being updated on any fundraising efforts and successes. Be sure to include a link to your website in each e-mail.

For more about fundraising online, visit our “Fundraising Online” category where you can find articles like Create Your Own Website!

If your group doesn’t have a website, but you’d like to raise funds online, go to
Raise Funds Online – With Or Without Your Own Website! Part 2
for information on how to raise funds online without your own website, or how to set up your own website if you’d like to have one!

Tip: Raising funds online may present new legal considerations for your group. It may be best to consult your legal adviser before raising funds online.

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