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Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do words come easy to you when asking others to donate to your cause?
  • Do you feel that the passion you have for your work comes across in your letters?
  • Are you confident in asking for money without sounding shy or rude?

If you answered “no” or “not sure” then Sample Fundraising Letters is for you!

You will get focused instruction, inspiration, and solid samples you can use in your next fundraising letter!

We’ve partnered with NXUnite to offer this collection of Sample Fundraising Letters for free!

Click here to download them.

Our Free updated e-book includes 40 professionally written, attention-grabbing sample fundraising letters that are free-to-copy and mix and match for your next fundraising campaign:

  • school programs
  • disaster relief
  • personal causes such as cancer
  • sample emails
  • community programs
  • political fundraising letters
  • and sample ‘thank you’ letters

These Sample Fundraising Letters also includes a fundraising letter writing guide, a basic template for a donation request letter, and a guide on how to effectively use emotion in your appeals. It is divided into sections based on the type of organization or cause for which you are fundraising, and to whom you are sending the request.

Who Sample Fundraising Letters is for:

Anyone who would like to save time and is looking for ways to get that first sentence down on paper and who would like to take a look at other fundraising letters for inspiration. You will find writing guidelines, a checklist to make sure nothing gets missed, and tips on what to look for. If you are raising funds for a school, team, local nonprofit, or any personal cause, this e-book is for you!

Who this e-book isn’t for: If you are looking for extensive step-by-step instruction, this e-book is not for you. Our e-book does, however, provide effective writing guidelines, checklists, and reminders on what to look for when writing your letters along with actual letters to learn from, copy from, or for inspiration.

The authors have more than thirty years of fundraising experience for nonprofits, schools, and community organizations across the United States and abroad.

Regardless if 

  • you are a fundraiser and struggle with writing or
  • you are a community member who was asked by your kid’s school or your peers to help
  • or you are new to fundraising and unsure how to craft appeal letters for your cause,

this e-book can help you!

Click here to download this book of helpful fundraising letters for free.


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