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Mother’s Day has become one of the most commercial holidays in America. The National Retail Federation reports that the average American spends $172 – totaling an astounding $21.4 billion.  An amazing 84 percent of the population celebrates the holiday. What does this mean for your Mother’s Day fundraiser?

Though retail sales boom for Mother’s Day, according to Entrepreneur, moms prefer homemade gifts and meals to any of those commercial presents. Creative nonprofits tap into that reality by hosting a special Mother’s Day fundraiser breakfast that honors moms across their communities. (More here and here.)

While you can manifest that spirit in a traditional brunch or breakfast event, another fundraiser option is to try a pre-order and pick-up event with menu items that can be frozen ahead of time. That way, purchasers can make mom breakfast in bed at home while supporting your work!

And you can avoid the extensive planning and preparation that goes into traditional food service events.

Here is a complete guide to organizing a breakfast fundraiser for this upcoming Mother’s Day!


Mother's Day Breakfast - table with food


Organize a Committed Volunteer Team for Your Mother’s Day Breakfast Fundraiser

Establishing a dedicated committee of volunteers for your event well in advance is the primary key to success.

  • Pick a leader or coordinator for the group. This should be a very organized person or even an administrative guru from your own staff. Their role will be to make sure that all tasks are completed. They will serve as a communications point person throughout the event cycle.
  • Create a baking team. Bakers will agree to prepare food on a given schedule based on pre-sales and have ample storage space to cook and freeze food trays.
  • Recruit a sales team to attract pre-orders. Each member can take on a number of tickets as a goal for sales. You can make this more interesting by promoting competition within the group – the team member that sells the most might win a prize! This team will also be responsible for marketing the event throughout the community.
  • Establish a distribution team to ensure that pre-orders are delivered or picked up at a central meeting area as advertised. You can also offer a delivery service for orders if your volunteers have the capacity and the impetus to go door-to-door.

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Find Amazing Bake Sale Recipes for Your Mother’s Day Fundraiser

Mother’s Day calls for special and exciting food that mom otherwise would not eat because of a conscientious diet, or just because she is always cooking food for others instead of for herself. Here are some ideas of foods for your Mother’s Day fundraiser that are special, mom-friendly, and will turn out well when frozen ahead of time.

  • Cinnamon rolls. Who does not love a gooey, sticky, homemade sweet roll? Try baking them in an aluminum tray and freezing immediately after cooling. Directions for reheating will be simple – pop in the oven or even the microwave. Package the icing in a separate container to add after the reheat.
  • Quiches. Any of these “fancy quiches” from Food Network would be simple to make ahead of time and freeze in a disposable pie tray for a quick reheat.
  • Stuffed crepes. Ham, porcini mushroom, and béchamel sauce stuffed crepes are sure to please any mom and can be prepared in an aluminum tray for reheating.
  • Paleo and AIP. Find all kinds of grain-free breakfast recipes at Delish.

Packaging and Details for Your Mother’s Day Fundraiser

Make sure you focus on the details. For one, you need to include cooking directions for your customers. People purchasing home-cooked meals most likely are not the most accomplished bakers themselves. Exact reheating and preparation directions are critical.

Packaging should be lovely – these are gifts! For either pick-up or delivery, use a nice gift bag. Also, make sure you add an excerpt on whom the donation is helping. Moms will want to know that their special breakfast is also supporting the community.

You can additionally sell breakfast accompaniments for more fundraising opportunities. Breakfast trays, flowers in recycled glass vases or glasses, and gift cards are just a few ideas.

Set Appropriate Pricing for Your Breakfast Fundraiser

Make sure you charge enough for your trays and any additional fundraising items. Even if your volunteers are donating time and ingredients, you should factor that work and support into your pricing. Like any restaurant, mark up at least 50 percent after all of those costs are added together.

For example, if you are making cinnamon rolls:

  • Ingredients for one tray of 6 rolls cost $3.00.
  • Your volunteer spends 20 minutes on each tray (value $7.00).
  • Your volunteer distribution committee drives 6 miles to deliver the food (value $3.00 for their time, and $3.00 for gas).
  • Packaging materials and gift bags cost $1.00.
  • Total cost = $17.
  • Charge $25 to $30 for a tray of rolls.

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Follow-up with Evaluation Metrics

Ask purchasers to provide an email address and send a quick survey following the event. This way, you can assess which foods were most appreciated by moms and donors alike to make your event more successful next year.

Everyone is looking for great gift ideas on Mother’s Day – take advantage with a fun, volunteer-based fundraiser this year to earn a bit more revenue for your organization!

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