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Maybe you’ve never thought of lollipops as a viable fundraising product, but lollipop fundraisers are popular, well-received, profitable, and economical, too. What more could you ask for? But to be even more specific, following are some good reasons why lollipops should be on your list of products to consider when deciding on your next fundraiser.

What’s So Great About Lollipop Fundraisers?

Lollipops are classics. That means they are well-liked and recognized. It’s a product that will appeal to just about any age group.

Lollipops are high-consumption items. That means that people will either buy more than one, or keep coming back for more, and the fundraiser can be held more than once a year.

Lollipop fundraisers can easily involve kids without putting them ‘out there’ in harm’s way. Groups with lots of kids around have built-in customers and won’t have to send kids door-to-door.

Lollipops fundraisers are ideal in conjunction with events and other fundraisers (such as a bake sale, spirit fundraiser, and so on). It’s very easy to put out a lollipop display and sell plenty without compromising ticket sales or sales of other items.

Selling lollipops is very easy – a simple exchange of money for product. In most cases, lollipops are paid for ahead of time and sold on the spot; that means that profits and compensation for pops are immediate.

Profits from lollipops are high, as much as 50% or more overall, allowing for a 100% or better mark-up.

Fun lollipops can be labeled for your organization. Also, themed lollipops can be sold to match an interest, event, or holiday.


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Is There A Downside To Lollipop Fundraisers?

It seems nothing is without its ‘cons’, and lollipop sales are not an exception, but the downside to lollipop fundraisers is a short list.

Other than being candy, and so not always welcomed by parents for frequent fundraising, essentially the only downside to a lollipop fundraiser is that pops are not ‘big-ticket’ items so you have to sell a lot of pops to add up to significant cash. This isn’t so bad if you have an event with a lot of traffic or couple sales with a ticket-table or other fundraising event. But then again, put up against higher-priced items, lollipops can do well marketed to those who want to lend a little support without breaking the bank.

All in all, lollipop fundraisers can mean good, quick cash for small effort and headache. Lollipops definitely have their place on the fundraising table!

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