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Creativity is the mother of invention here – and of crazy, fun profitable fundraisers. Out of some creative mind, the Kiss the Pig fundraiser was born. We don’t know how or where, but we do know that lots of groups have adopted this crazy fundraiser to bring in some fun and easy money.


kiss the pig


How Does A Kiss The Pig Fundraiser Work?

Kiss the pig fundraisers are pretty simple – assuming you can get your hands on a pig.

You’ll need to choose a person to do the honors. It will need to be someone who your audience will enjoy embarrassing, someone with a generous nature and a good-natured, willing spirit. In some fundraisers, more than one person is chosen.

You will need to advertise the event once you know who the lucky smoocher will be to get people to donate and attend the big event. (For marketing tips, click over to Marketing Your Fundraiser.)

The day of, at the designated time, the kisser simply puckers up, as Liberty Elementary School (Georgia) principal Chris Anderson did

Just wondering: Is there a more sanitary way to do this fundraiser? Maybe hug the pig? You decide…

How To Make Money With A Kiss The Pig Fundraiser

To make money with a kiss-the-pig fundraiser, you have a few options.

Sell voting rights
Charge a set fee (one to five dollars, in most cases) for a right to vote for who has to kiss the pig. There is no limit to the amount of votes a person can buy. Choose several potential kissing candidates that your crowd would like to see in the hot seat. You can continually update the public as to who is in the lead to motivate people to vote.

Admission fee
Who wouldn’t pay a few bucks to see their favorite prominent figure get a big, wet, kiss from a pig?

Offer local businesses advertising space, or ask them to somehow sponsor the event.

Hold the kissing as the main event (with or without admission) and take advantage of the crowd to fundraise in other ways, such as selling food and refreshments, raffles, on-hand product sales, event hats and t-shirts, etc.

Collection plate
Take up a collection and agree that the subject (or a secondary volunteer) gets a second kiss if the group can reach a goal amount (of course, all donations are non-refundable if the goal is not met). Alternatively, the deal could be that the pig only gets kissed when a goal amount has been reached

Of course, you can modify the kiss-the-pig fundraiser in any way that suits your group and your public. This crazy and fun fundraising idea will bring out the crowds for some good-hearted public belittling.

Note: Be sure that throughout this fundraiser a handler is assigned to take care of the animal.

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