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Following are some ideas and resources for inspiration from around the web to help your group’s finances beyond the usual fundraising ideas. We’ve also included some resources about money management: every dime saved and managed well means more funds for your cause and a more efficient fundraising effort!

If you’ve missed it, one of our own most popular money saving articles is Fundraising and Efficiency in 2010. It talks about free phone services, free word processing and spreadsheet programs and how to acquire needed items from within your community for free.

Financial calculators:
If you need help crunching numbers, you may find some very useful financial calculators at dinkytown.net. The majority of the calculators is geared towards personal finances, but there are about a dozen calculators for business money management, including one for a break even analysis and for calculating cash flow.


Acquire more grants more quickly:
For lots of tips on how to acquire grants more quickly and how to uncover more grant opportunities, visit FieldstoneAlliance.org.


Do you know what you don’t know about non-profits?
Sandy Rees drives home that point on her Get Fully Funded Blog. Before you start a non-profit, or even if you’re already a part of one, learning everything you can about your group’s legal and financial structure is essential.


Resources for non-profit financial management:
For a comprehensive list of resources for financial issues for non-profits, visit ManagementHelp’s guide to non-profit financial management.


Procurement 101
A very useful list on how to improve your fundraising efforts is offered by Larissa Long on her brand new personal blog. There are fundraising ideas, tips on how to please your supporters and how not to limit yourself!



What’s going on inside your supporters or potential supporters heads?
If you’re wondering how much to ask for from your supporters, take a look at Seth Godin’s post about Fear of Philantropy. It puts into words what we’re all thinking in the back of our minds when we’re asked to donate: what are we giving up when we donate to a cause?


Using text messaging to achieve your goals:
If the Haiti Red Cross text messaging fundraiser that collected seven millions of dollars within just two days in $10 dollar increments (total is over $400 million now) has got you intrigued, visit MobileActive.org for endless ideas on how to use texting to engage your supporters and raise funds. Should micro giving be a part of your fundraising strategy?


Teach money management to your kids:
Why stop at your group’s finances when it comes to money management tips? Get the kids involved! In many cases kids are the ones selling fundraising items to their peers, and even if they’re not directly involved with money management, teaching them about finances will in time directly influence how they handle day to day financial transactions, including their fundraising activities. SavingAdvice.com has some great advice on how to teach kids about finances. FrugalDad has a whole category on teaching kids about money.


Does the way you think about money influence how you raise funds?
No list about money management resources would be complete without mentioning the GetRichSlowly blog. Find out how your parents influenced the way you think about and deal with money. Do you think it influences the financial decisions you make for your group?


Don’t forget to have fun!
Britt Bravo, author of the HaveFunDoGood blog is a consultant and social web expert and offers lots of good and fun ideas about how to make a difference and enjoy it. Go ahead, stop by and browse for some inspiration!


If there are any resources that have inspired you in your fundraising endeavors, please let us know in the comments below!

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