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Sending out a donation request letter to members of the community for an animal charity can be a daunting task. Letters asking for donations are sent out all the time by various animal charities and groups, so how do you make yours stand out? How do you make yours successful? Just remember that the importance lies not only in the words that you use but in the meaning behind them. (For more writing tips and sample fundraising letters, click here.)

Begin with the Details

Before people even think about donating money, they like to know where their money is going. Larger charities can rest on their famous names while smaller and newer ones cannot. Your best bet is to clearly spell out what any donated money will be spent on. In the case of your animal charity, be specific: mention how this money will be used to help keep strays off the streets, how it will be used to rescue dumped puppies and so on. Explain how this money will be spent to help animals live better lives.

You may not have a monetary goal in mind and instead, just be trying to raise as much as possible, but having a tangible figure for how much you want to raise helps to make your need more real for potential donors. You’ve heard it before: unfocused goals tend to yield unfocused results. Having a specific amount of money that you are trying to raise will not only motivate donors but will motivate you and all those who work with you to try harder to reach it.

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Give those Details Meaning

Giving the readers of your letter the details right off the bat lets them know exactly why you are sending out a letter. Once they know what you are asking for, you can begin to explain why you are asking for it. Now is a good time to describe the plight of animals who do not receive your help.

Talk about the strays and the dumped puppies, the dark reality, the reason why your group was created. Don’t be overly dramatic – just be honest. These animals are looking at rough and possibly short lives without organizations such as yours. Give your readers honest insight into this situation.

Now you can again talk about what you can do. This may be a good place to list the accomplishments of your organization thus far while stating your commitment to expand your efforts to help as many animals as possible. Talk briefly but clearly about any special programs that donations will help fund or how donations will provide a boost to your existing programs and activities.

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The Closing

In the closing be direct, be honest, and be sincere. Nothing is more appealing than a genuine appeal to help those in need. Convey that you care and that you need help to carry on your work. Tell your readers exactly what they can do to help you to make the lives of animals in your area better.

Sending out letters to ask for donations for your animal charity is an action that needs to come from the heart. People have seen many letters from charities before. Make yours unique by being completely honest about what you want, why you want it, and how many animals will be spared difficult lives and cruel fates because of your efforts.

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