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Selling products is not the only way to raise funds. Service-based fundraisers like a gift wrap service fundraiser can be a great way to provide a needed service to the community, build a spirit of cooperation within your group, and raise some cash along the way.

Gift Wrap Service Fundraiser – The Basics

Running a gift wrap service fundraiser is fairly simple. You’ll need supplies, volunteers, and a high traffic shopping location.

First, the location:

• Talk to owners and managers of area shops, shopping malls, and seasonal stores, and ask them if they would be willing to allow your group to set up a gift wrapping station in or near the store (make sure it’s indoors).

• Choose a time when holiday sales will be at their peak and when you have enough volunteers available.

• Consider partnering with a local craft store, or rent a space at a local craft fair to set up your gift wrapping service.

Next, the supplies:

• You’ll need a budget to get you started, unless you have very generous donors who will donate gift wrap supplies. If you shop for discounted items online or by catalog, make sure you leave plenty of time for delivery.

• The amount of supplies you need is dependent on the space, the number and size of tables and the number of volunteers you have available. Your gift wrap supply should include:

– Tape dispensers for each volunteer, extra tape
– Scissors for each volunteer
– A variety of wrapping paper for Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa; don’t forget to have some Birthday and also generic wrapping paper available
– Gift boxes and bags
– Ribbon
– Accessories
– Gift bags for oddly shaped gifts
– Tissue paper
– Gift tags
– Markers or pens

• You will also need some larger items to set up your booth, including

– Tables
– Chairs
– Cash box and cash – remember that you’ll need to make change
– Display materials/posters

Also consider a few nice touches that will make your customers’ experience more enjoyable: provide chairs and magazines for them to relax with as they wait; offer refreshments or cookies, if you can have someone donate them; and some nice holiday decorations will make your gift wrapping station even more inviting!


The number of volunteers you’ll need for this kind of fundraiser greatly depends on how much space you have available and how many tables you will set up. Each volunteer should have an assigned job, but should be able to take over for another volunteer, just in case.

There could be one volunteer just for taking the money; two gift wrapping volunteers per table; and one additional volunteer to keep things neat and to keep supplies handy and fill in for others when needed.

Determine your pricing:

Set a price for your gift wrap service that is fair for your customers, covers all your costs and leaves you with some profit in the end. Remember your customers can afford a little more because you are saving them the hassle of gift wrapping and the expense of buying wrapping paper. You might also want to leave out a “Tip” jar for extra donations – these, too, should go to the group!

Create some professional looking, clear signs for information about your group and pricing. If applicable, mention any businesses who’ve donated supplies or refreshments. Be open about who you are and let your customers know what they are supporting. They’ll be happy to pay a few dollars to a good cause and check another time consuming task off their to-do lists!

It doesn’t take a lot to plan a gift wrap service fundraiser, and this is a fundraiser that any size group can manage. The key is to find a location with high foot traffic, so that you can keep your gift wrap location busy and profitable!

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