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Many of you have probably already been part of a fundraiser that sold products made outside the USA. Wouldn’t it be great if your favorite fundraising products were made in the US?

Why buy fundraising products made in the USA? Why not make an effort and seek out US companies that sell fundraising products made in the US? Especially during tough economic times, buying ‘local’ makes a lot of sense.

To help promote fundraising products made in the US, we’ve decided to give fundraising companies that sell products “Made in the USA” some extra attention and give them free ‘advertising’ by mentioning them on our website!

We hope you will click over to these companies’ websites and take a look to see if their fundraising products may be appropriate for your next fundraiser.

>> Click over to Fundraising.com and search for “Made in USA” – they have lots of fundraising products made in our country!

>> For more USA made products, including clothes and toys, click over to our Pinterest “Made in the USA” group board!

If you’d like to contribute to our board, please contact us.

If you own a company that sells fundraising products “Made in the USA,” (or if you know of such a company) please contact us and we will add your company to our next “Fundraising Products Made in the USA” post. In order to be considered, your company must have a website with a privacy policy easily accessible from the homepage.

Most of our readers are based in the US, but if you’re reading this from another country, you can start focusing on fundraising products made in your own country just as well!


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