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Fundraising Checklists for Your Fundraising Events!

Whether you’re choosing a new fundraiser for your group, or evaluating an already completed one, or setting up a committee, these checklists will help you answer tough questions, plan ahead and will bring up issues you might not have considered yet.

1. “Choose the Right Product Fundraiser for Your Group”

This checklist helps you get all considerations down on paper to make it easier to choose the right type of fundraiser for you; this is a great tool to have with you when you communicate with different fundraising companies/partners.


2. “Set Goals for Your Next Fundraising Season”

Planning and goal setting significantly increases fundraiser motivation and profits. Use this checklist to outline your goals, plan ahead and track them as you go along so that you always know where your funding stands.


3. “Set up a Fundraising Committee”

Who’s going to do all that work? Your fundraising committee; but first you need to form one. This checklist walks you through the process and tracks your progress along the way.

fundraiser checklists


4. “VOLUNTEER Recruitment Checklist”

You need volunteers, plain and simple. Use this checklist to decide who to target, how to reach them, record what efforts have been made, and pick up a few tips about recruiting volunteers.


5. “Fundraising Event MASTER PLANNER”

This planning guide outlines all the jobs that need to be done to run an event, and gives you space to record essential information (like who is handling what, budget information, and more). Great to use as a sample fundraising plan.


Checklist for your social media strategy:

6. “Social Media Strategy – Checklist”

This checklist helps you define your goals and also helps you decide on who can post what on which social media site. It is focused on social networking sites, but it can also be used for defining general guidelines for posting comments, creating blog posts, or taking part in forums.


Checklists for marketing your fundraiser:

7. “MARKETING Your Fundraiser”

No fundraiser can succeed if people don’t know about it. This checklist outlines the best marketing strategies and serves as a record for what has been and is yet to be done.


Checklists for managing your fundraiser:

8. “Fundraiser SCHEDULING Checklist”

Make a plan! Timing is everything for a successful fundraiser. Use this checklist to help you plan ahead and keep all aspects of your fundraiser on schedule; use it to plan future campaigns to see where scheduling adjustments should be made.


9. “Fundraiser CALLS and REMINDER – Checklist”

Many calls need to be made to organize volunteer staff and get your fundraiser moving. This checklist helps you keep track of them all. It can also serve as a useful reference for future campaigns.


Checklists for evaluating your fundraiser:

10. “EVALUATE Your Completed Fundraiser – Post-Fundraiser Checklist “

This checklist is designed as an evaluation tool and record-keeper. It gives you a place to record critical information about individual fundraisers, both good and bad, so that you can evaluate the value and use as future reference (for yourself or newcomers).



11. “Forming A NON-PROFIT – Checklist”

There are a lot of steps to form a legal non-profit organization; this checklist walks you through this process and serves as record for the work that needs to be done.



– What to Stuff: Checklist for Nonprofit Proposal Attachments

– Should Our PTO File For Non-profit Status?

– Steps To Starting A Successful Non-profit


These checklists come in handy as a communication tool among your volunteers, when more than one fundraising team is involved, or the team changes every year, as is the case in many schools. Save completed and blank fundraising checklists where current and incoming volunteers can easily find them.

We wish you great success with your event!



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