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Evaluate and compare as many different products and companies as you like with this printable PDF!

This checklist offers an at-a-glance overview, logistical and planning considerations, and company-specific questions to help you decide which product fundraiser is best for your group.

To find the right product fundraiser for your group, answer questions such as:

What does your group represent?

When are the funds needed?

Do you need to store the products for any length of time?

Does the company take returns of leftover items?


Going through the questions on this checklist will help you gain clarity about what products to sell so your fundraiser will be a success! (More checklists here.)


Download it here as a PDF:

Fundraising Checklist: Choose the Right Product Fundraiser for Your Group


checklist choose right product fundraiser for your group


Sneak Peek:

Choose the Right Product Fundraiser for Your Group

This checklist will help you evaluate and select a company and product.

Group Evaluation

Answer these questions about your group/resources; keep this information on hand when you talk with

potential fundraising companies:

At-A-Glance Overview

Estimated number of sellers: _______________________________________________________

Average age of seller: ____________________________________________________________

Number of volunteers who can help manage the fundraiser: _______________________________

What products/fundraisers have been popular: _________________________________________

What products/fundraisers are favored by group members: ________________________________

What does your group represent? (“healthy,” “fun,” “green,” etc.) ____________________________

Are there any products that do not line up with your group’s philosophy and

should not be considered:__________________________________________________________

Logistical/Planning Considerations:

Does your group have funds available for upfront expenditures? Yes / No _____________________

Amount of available funds: _____________________________________________________

Date funds are needed by: _________________________________________________________

How far in advance does order need to be placed: _______________________________________

Projected date of fundraiser: _______________________________________________________

Is space available for inventory storage? Yes / No: ______________________________________

Download this checklist here.


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