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Looking for an easy and fast way to make money with an appealing product that virtually sells itself? Fundraising candy boxes are the order of the day.

What’s A Candy Box Fundraiser?

Fundraising with fundraiser candy boxes is very simple. You order pre-packed boxes of single-serve candies, distribute a box for each child or seller, and send them off to sell their wares!

Candy Box Fundraiser Selling Options

Depending on the distributor, boxes may be provided with a pre-determined mix, single product, or you may be given the option of buying bulk boxes and mixing the fundraiser candy boxes as you choose.

Fundraising candy boxes can be sold by alternative methods, too – such as placing a box in a strategic location (an office, a snack or break room…) with a cashier or collection jar and selling the candy by cash and carry. This option is an attractive alternative to selling candy person to person or door to door, since the sellers’ safety won’t be a concern. Fundraiser candy boxes can also be used as refreshment sales at events and event fundraisers, too.

Another option for fundraiser candy boxes is to purchase custom-printed boxes and fill them with a specialty or variety of candies and sell the complete box, rather than single-sale bars or packages. This would be a more specialized sale that would play off the quality of your product or appeal of your organization.

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What Are The Benefits Of A Candy Box Fundraiser?

The simplicity of the sale is the greatest benefit to a fundraiser candy box sale. Items are generally low-priced at a simple, manageable cost (usually $1.00 per bar or package) and the transaction is a simple matter of trading cash for candy. In many cases, fundraiser candy boxes are stocked with coveted, recognized candy brands that sell very well (like Hershey’s, etc.), but sometimes a boutique or local candy-maker will be used.

Moreover, there is no dealing with order-takers, sorting, and distribution of large-product orders. Sellers can take more candy to sell as they need it and the fundraiser ends with just turning in the money.

Is There A Downside To A Candy Box Fundraiser?

Every fundraiser has its cons. For the fundraiser candy box sale, a few might be:

• Storage of temperature-sensitive food items
• Fronting cash upfront for product (check with the supplier; some will offer credit terms for some groups)
Money and product tracking – who has what out, who owes what
• Chasing money from defaulted sellers – it seems there is always at least one in the bunch
Unsold inventory – candy suppliers cannot accept returned candy

Cashing In On Fundraiser Candy Boxes

Despite the downside, fundraiser candy boxes are a great way to run a low-maintenance, high-profit fundraiser. Fundraiser candy boxes can go for as long as sales are brisk. Fundraiser candy boxes are great fundraisers alone or in combination with other fundraisers to give your fundraising campaign that added revenue boost it’s needed.

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