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Spirit fundraisers are the ideal fit for fundraisers for schools, sports teams, cheerleaders, dance groups, boosters clubs, youth groups, and more.

What makes spirit fundraisers popular

Spirit fundraisers fulfill the demand of club members, parents, and supporters looking to show their support. In many cases, supporters plan for and budget for spirit apparel and other items, so being the supplier of such products produces easy sales.


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Spirit product fundraising items

There are many, many items that can be printed and designed with individual team and organization names, mascots, event specifics, and mottos. These may be fun spirit-boosters like

  • Pompoms
  • Foam hands
  • Noodle wavers
  • Antenna toppers
  • Awareness bracelets

Spirit fundraising products may have a useful side, too. Buyers can show off their spirit and lend financial support when they purchase

  • Printed or embroidered backpacks, canvas and drawstring bags
  • Water bottles and bottle coolers
  • Can/beverage coolers
  • Cell phone holders
  • Handheld fans
  • Seat/stadium cushions
  • Badge holders
  • T-shirts, jackets, and apparel

One advantage of spirit fundraisers, particularly items such as t-shirts and apparel that will see frequent use, is visibility and publicity. When supporters wear their team spirit apparel, it will be seen by others, and more attention will be drawn to both fundraising efforts and the group overall, drawing in new membership and financial support.

The selling process

Spirit fundraisers usually require an organization to choose one or more items and work with company representatives to determine design and wording. Many times, a company will gladly supply a few sample items for a brochure or order-taking campaign. Another option that may be preferable is for the group to prepay and purchase a stock of products that can be sold on the spot at sporting and group events.

While order taking may be more financially feasible, outreach may be limited somewhat without items on hand for cash and carry sales. On the other hand, by prepaying for items, the group could get stuck if interest is not adequate to recoup sales.

Spirit fundraisers give fans, group members, team members, students, and faculty the organization-specific spirited apparel and products they are looking for and fulfill fundraising needs at the same time. The double-duty purpose of spirit fundraisers is virtually able to sell itself; not only to fundraising organizers, but to organization supporters as well. Selling spirit fundraisers really covers all the fundraising bases.

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