Need, practicality, and usefulness are three elements that can really boost fundraising product sales.

When you show your customers that you are selling something that is truly helpful and needed in their homes and their lives, like first aid kits and safety products, you grab their attention and their orders.

First aid kits and other safety products as fundraisers are hard for consumers to say no to because these are items we all use, or stock for emergency purposes in our homes and our cars.

We bring first aid kits along on trips, store fire extinguishers near our kitchens and in RVs and stock first aid supplies in offices and schools.

Ideas for first aid and safety products fundraisers:

* First aid kits for home and auto
* Boating and water sports first aid kits
* Automotive emergency kits
* Life hammers
* Kitchen and safety fire extinguishers
* Reflectors and roadside emergency kits
* Emergency lights
* Child proofing safety items such as outlet covers
* Earthquake kits

First aid kits are very useful and need to be replenished periodically which makes them an easy sale. They can be sold through a brochure catalog, or you can buy larger quantities through a wholesaler and also sell them as add-on fundraisers. Smaller items lend themselves well to year round fundraising items, like bike reflectors, life hammers and purse size band aid kits.

They are also perfect for some customization: you can easily ‘decorate’ them with stickers with your group’s information and marketing message on it.



Promote safety when selling first aid and safety products:

Your supporters will surely understand when you promote ‘staying safe’ while raising funds. In fact, with this kind of fundraiser it can be the perfect message conveyed to your supporters when raising funds for a school for example.

As you’re promoting your first aid and safety fundraiser, you can include messages on how to stay safe on the way to school, going on field trips and to football games etc.

Organizing a first aid and safety product fundraiser is also the ideal opportunity to review safe selling and fundraising practices – keeping sellers safe is of the utmost importance during any fundraising campaign.

If you organize door-to-door fundraiser, review the following safe selling practices with all participants:

– No sellers should sell alone; always partner with a friend and use the ‘buddy-system.’

– Never go inside the home of a potential buyer, no matter how friendly they seem (this also includes time of product delivery).

– Do not carry large amounts of cash; ask buyers to pay by check when possible.

– Try to fulfill selling goals by selling to family and friends first.

– Be polite and courteous.

By reinforcing these selling safety tips, all fundraiser participants can have a positive and safe fundraising experience. And by supplying family, friends, and neighbors with the safety products they need, you’re also providing a valuable service. (More fundraising ideas.)

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