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Some holidays are just perfect for fundraising; from chocolate sales to Bunny hosting, Easter is certainly top of that list. For a simple spring fundraiser with wide appeal and good profit potential, hold an Easter chocolate fundraiser complete with chocolate Easter bunnies.

An Easter Fundraiser with Appeal

Chocolate is one of the staple goodies of Easter. More specifically, chocolate Easter bunnies are one of the most sought-after supplies for the Easter holiday. The demand for chocolates and chocolate bunnies, combined with the ease of managing this holiday fundraiser, sets Easter chocolate fundraisers up to bring in easy money.


easter chocolate fundraiser


Easter Chocolate Fundraiser Options

Easter chocolate fundraisers can be either on-hand cash and carry sales or they can be brochure or catalog sales. In both cases, you will need to choose a good fundraising company for marketing materials, support, and supplies.

In an on-hand Easter chocolate sale, a group pre-buys the Easter chocolates form a chocolate supplier. Then, sales are arranged on one or more dates, at one or more well-trafficked locations.

By far the most popular way to hold this typeof fundraiser is to go with brochure sales offered by a number of fundraising companies. Brochure sales are popular for the following reasons:

• No need to front cash (a big benefit for cash-poor organizations)
• No need for long-term storage of goods
• No need to staff volunteer booths or tables
• Support and marketing materials provided by fundraising company
• 50% profit margin on average (of products ranging from $5-$10)


When to Sell Easter Chocolates

Timing is very important for fundraisers with seasonal products. Plan ahead of time, and talk to the fundraising company to help plan the timing of the Easter chocolate fundraiser. Ask them

• How long before you’ll receive your sales kit
• How long they recommend for a sales period (usually between two weeks and 30 days)
• How long for delivery of items
• What requirements there are for delivery (very likely, someone will have to be on hand to accept the order)

Consider how long it will take to get items in the hands of those who sold the product and add in time for them to deliver to customers; remember that not all buyers will be right next door and sellers may need a few extra days to reach them. Plan to have Easter chocolates to buyers at least one week before the holiday.

When all aspects of timing have been accounted for, plan from the holiday out and start your fundraiser from there. This will give adequate time for selling, placing the order, sorting, and delivery of the Easter chocolates.

Good organization is key to a successful Easter chocolate fundraiser! The rest of the process is pretty straightforward, and with a little effort on the part of the sales crew, Easter chocolates virtually sell themselves.

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