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The bunny side of Easter is all about fun; that makes it easy to capitalize on the spirit of this holiday and host a fun-filled event-based Easter Fundraiser – like a Bunny Hop!

Planning an Easter Bunny Hop

Essentially, a Bunny Hop is nothing more that a themed dance. In this case, though, you are marketing to a much younger crowd. A Bunny Hop is probably most fun for those who still believe in the magic of the Easter bunny.


easter bunny hop


The basics of the Bunny Hop

• Finding a location suitable to accommodate the expected size of your crowd
• Checking local ordinances for permits, if necessary
• Booking the Easter Bunny to come and hop with the kids
• Planning for any extras like refreshments, contests, prizes, etc.
• Arranging for music
• Determining ticket price
• Locating area sponsors (optional)
• Advertising the event

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Adding extras to to your Bunny Hop fundraiser

A few hours of dancing with the Easter Bunny is enough of a draw to bring kids in, but throwing in some extras – both free and for a charge – will increase participation and profits. Some things you might add to your Bunny Hop fundraiser might include:

• Easter basket raffles
• Bunny petting zoo
• Pictures with the Easter Bunny
• Dance instruction – which naturally means including the ‘hop’!
• Refreshment sales
• Candy sales
• Fun contests
• Awards – best dressed, best dancer, funniest dance…
• Easter face painting
• Games
• Prizes
• Easter egg hunt
• Easter scavenger hunt
• Easter crafts
• Easter egg coloring

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This list could go on and on. Anything extra that you can do to add to the fun, make your admission price well-worth its while, and increase your profits will serve you well.

Remember that you are dealing with a young audience, and while the dancing and instruction will be great fun, it might only hold the attention of your Easter Bunny hop participants for a short period of time. Also, some kids just don’t like to dance (or at least in public), and will be looking for something else to do. Arrange for a few activities to keep the crowd moving and engaged.

A hop with the Easter Bunny is great fun for young children. This is a good Easter fundraiser for organizations that serve young children, but also for community groups, scouts, education programs, schools, and others who have an interest in serving young kids. The Easter bunny hop is a great way to reach out to potential program members, and a great way to show off the good-nature and personality of your organization!

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