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Pizza is a wildly popular food across the nation; that fact needs no repeating. Pizza is a staple food in many homes simply because it is fun and convenient, not to mention great tasting. Now fundraising companies have found a variety of ways to cash in on the popularity of pizza for wildly popular and successful fundraising campaigns.

Pizza Fundraising Options:

Frozen Pizza Sales

Frozen pizza sales run similar to pie and cheesecake sales. The product comes fully prepared by the pizza company and all the end consumer has to do is heat and eat. Fundraisers take orders for flavors and quantity, then deliver the product when delivered to them. But like cheesecake and pie fundraisers, frozen pizza fundraisers have the disadvantage of requiring either fast distribution or storage space in freezers.

Make-Your-Own Pizza Kits

Another Pizza sale fundraising option is to collect orders for pizza kits. Consumers receive kits to make one to three pizzas with the sauce, cheese, and toppings chosen included. Like frozen pizzas, distribution and/or storage arrangements are necessary.

Pizza Card Sales

A fast and simple alternative to selling the actual pizza or pizza kit is to sell pizza cards redeemable at local pizzerias. Groups partner with a national or local pizza restaurant and sell cards worth ‘x’ amount of pizzas or worth a percentage off their order at a local pizza store; the pizzeria is reimbursed for their product and the fundraising organization keeps a portion of the proceeds.

Pizza Night Fundraisers

Similar to the pizza card fundraiser, a pizza night fundraiser requires partnering with local pizza restaurants. The fundraising group advertises the event and on the designated night, a portion of the sales from pizzas sold to fundraiser supporters goes to the group. Some means of identifying participants as supporters must be communicated or distributed (such as via a card, coupon, or simply telling the counter they are supporters). The partnership can be a ‘win-win’ situation for both the pizzeria and the organization, as sales are boosted for all.

For many organizations, pizza sales as fundraisers are an obvious choice. Pizzas are also well-liked for fundraising because these quickly consumed products can be sold repeatedly and their high demand makes pizza fundraisers virtually self-sellers. When paired with good planning and organization, pizzas are unstoppable fundraisers with wide appeal.

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