College fundraising is unique in that a more mature group is doing the fundraising and reaping the benefits. College fundraisers want a fundraising campaign that reflects their age and maturity while still being fun and productive. The same fundraiser that worked for younger school kids just won’t do anymore. Finding the right method, campaign, and product that will raise funds but not eyebrows can be challenging.


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Recruiting volunteers

Volunteers are the key to any successful fundraiser, but with the busy schedules college students keep, recruiting and motivating great help can be difficult. Here are some tips for finding volunteers, and working with them successfully:

  • Place sign up sheets in visible places for volunteers
  • Ask volunteers personally for their help
  • With a list of help in hand, delegate tasks
  • Rely heaviest on the people you know will stay with the project and can be relied upon
  • Give the most important tasks to those most reliable volunteers
  • Remind volunteers often of their commitment and responsibilities
  • Keep good records of who is doing what
  • Provide incentives for top sellers


Tips for running a successful college fundraiser

Other than finding and organizing reliable volunteers, you will also benefit by keeping the fundraiser short and simple. College student have a lot going on, and just cannot commit to long-term fundraisers that cut too much into their time.

In addition, start off your fundraising campaign with a clear dollar-figure goal in mind. Make sure everyone involved knows what that number is and how much progress has been made towards reaching it.

College fundraising ideas

The following list includes some of the most successful college fundraisers:

  • Drive-in movie night with portable movie theater equipment
  • Concert/band night/battle of the bands
  • Scratch card fundraisers
  • Product based sales such as pizza, cookie dough, coffee, cheese, snack foods, etc.
  • Event based fundraisers such as dances and carnivals
  • Game night – games of chance, casino night (depending on ages of participants)
  • Donation drive
  • Raffles
  • Auctions
  • Yard sales

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These ideas represent just the tip of the college fundraising iceberg. Since college campuses automatically have access to local supporters, with good organization, appeal, and ingenuity, your college fundraiser is to be a success!

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