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Summer is the perfect time for a raffle package of entertaining trips, events or activities to raise a bit more funding for your organization. People are looking for fun and excitement, ways to keep their kids busy and new activities to try. Plus, raffle fundraisers are wonderful because you can put them together quickly if needed, with little overhead! They can piggyback on another event or festival you already have planned.

Here are a few ideas of special bundle prizes to organize for a raffle over our warmer months.

amusement park carousel camping fundraiser

Amusement Park Trip Package

According to the IAAPA, the US has more than 400 amusement parks and attractions that host 375 million visitors annually. That means that amusement parks and rides are not only extremely popular, but that they are everywhere! Reach out to a few in your area to see if they will give you pass donations or discounts for a raffle. If you need a directory, Trip Savvy has lists by state.  You can always purchase discount tickets on Groupon as well.

Bundling a getaway package to make the trip as stress-free for parents as possible is a sure win.

  • Include a small bus or van rental to bring cousins, friends or multiple families. A chauffeured van is even better.
  • Provide meal discounts or sandwich picnic baskets to bring along.
  • Include cash cards to pay for extraneous expenses, like gas, tolls, and souvenirs.

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Cruise Raffle Package

Several cruise companies will supply packages or free tickets to nonprofits.

  • Carnival Foundation provides in-kind gifts of tickets to US nonprofits, especially to those in certain areas by their main launch points (Florida and Texas for examples). You need to prepare a proposal and mail it at least 4 months in advance.
  • Royal Caribbean Cruises focuses on nonprofits supporting marine conservation or education. If your mission fits, you can fill out a simple donation form requesting a ticket donation at least 90 days before your raffle.

You can also check with local travel agents, to see if they can help by donating or discounting trips.

Camping Retreat Raffle Package

Camping is fun for kids and adults alike. Beginners, however, are often daunted by all the gear needed to get their family out in the woods. A fun raffle package idea aimed at this demographic is to put together a package of all of the supplies needed for a family of 4 getaway. At a minimum, you will want a tent, tarp, lantern, cooking stove, large air mattress, flashlight and 4 sleeping bags. If you can throw in campsite fees through your state park department even better! Other extras might be maps, a GPS, bug spray and marshmallows.

  • Ask one or more multipurpose stores or camping stores for merchandise donations. A local family-owned hardware or camping store could be approached. Local branches of Walmart, REI and Target can be persuaded to donate gift cards for merchandise or merchandise directly if you approach their managers appropriately.
  • Cabela’s has an online form for donation requests.
  • Dick’s Sporting Goods focuses on athletic teams but will take requests for donations online.
  • Coleman gives nonprofits a discount for purchases, by using their web portal here.

“Take Me to the Ball Game” Package

A trip for 4 to a sporting event can cost hundreds of dollars and end up exhausting parents. It is one of the most fun things an American family can do over the summer though, and hence a perfect raffle prize. Talk to both Major League Baseball and AAA baseball teams alike. Or reach out to your Major League Soccer team for discounted or free tickets. The bundle tip is to not just raffle tickets but make going to the ball game an event.

  • Parking is always expensive and challenging at ball games. Making transportation easy, with Uber rides, a chauffeured car or public transit passes can have great appeal to raffle ticket purchasers.
  • Include t-shirts and hats for the latest team stars.
  • Provide all you can eat passes for food vendors at the stadium.
  • If possible, organize a meet and greet with the team or with one or two players.

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Barbeque Kit Raffle Package

Whether vegan or carnivore, everyone loves state of the art grilling supplies. Provide a fun grill that can supplement a grill that a family already has might win over even more ticket purchases. For example, electric grills are becoming more and more popular and can be useful for anyone who already has charcoal or gas gear. Make sure that you include more than just the grill itself to liven the package. Ideas include:

  • Flippers and tongs.
  • Meat of the month from online or local retailers for 3 months.
  • Fresh vegetables from local farmers.
  • Fresh game from local sportsmen’s organizations.
  • Propane tanks or charcoal supplies.
  • A recipe book.
  • Outdoor patio furniture.
  • A porch renovation package, for new flooring, a roof, etc.

Home Depot and Lowe’s both have donation programs that might support you with materials for a kit. Many online meat and food vendors will donate packages for raffles and auctions as well, such as Kansas City Steak Company.

Additional Tips for Your Fundraiser

After you decide what type of trip raffle on which you would like to focus, make sure you plan accordingly to be successful. You can easily convert the format from a raffle to an auction! See these helpful planning articles on:

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