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There comes a time when everyone is in need of gift wrap and greeting cards. Your next fundraiser can be a year-round supply train for your supporters.

Gift wrap fundraising why and when

Gift wrap and greeting card fundraisers have been popular for several years now for one elemental reason – everyone uses gift wrap and greeting cards!

Gift wrap fundraisers are obviously best suited to the Winter holiday season, or the months immediately preceding the holiday rush. People will buy gift wrap in abundance with an eminent need, but sales will be low when consumers don’t feel an emergent usefulness for the product.

Gift wrap fundraisers do also include wrap selections for other events and multipurpose ‘all occasion’ sets, but sales of these pieces will be largely for future convenience, and probably won’t have near the demand of holiday wrapping paper.


giftwrap fundraiser


Tips for successful gift wrap fundraisers

  • Timing is everything: Choose a season when large amounts of gift wrap will be in demand in the foreseeable future, such as the winter holiday season.
  • Sell the convenience: Remind customers that stocking up now will eliminate the need to run out for gift wraps and greeting cards later, and that holiday or event (birthday, wedding, etc.) shopping can center on the gift, not the mundane, forgettable details like wrapping paper.
  • Sell wrap as ‘hassle-free’: Include all-inclusive sets of gift wrap in fundraiser offerings. Many companies have complete packages that offer not only the wrapping paper, but also coordinating ribbon, bows, tags, dispensers, and more.
  • Sell all occasion gift wrap: Include offerings that can be used for a variety of purposes, including Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, weddings, baby showers, birthdays, and greeting cards to grab and go, will boost sales beyond the Christmas season and serve nearly every customer’s needs regardless of religious affiliation or occasion.
  • Plan for delivery time: Be sure that your fundraiser is completed well enough in advance so that your supporters receive their wrap in time for the holidays; perhaps about one month in advance. Your supporters will want to get their product and start wrapping well before ‘the big day’. If you fail in this aspect one year, count on severely diminished sales the next. No one wants to buy their gift-wrap twice and be left hanging with useless fundraiser gift wrap to store.

Gift wrap is a highly consumable and necessary item, making it an ideal choice for an annual fundraiser. Your good planning, service, and excellent product will ensure that your buyers will continue to make your organization their source for holiday and all-occasion gift wrap year after year.

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