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Thousands of companies will donate items to raffle or auction to nonprofits, if you plan ahead and ask in advance. Here are 21 different ideas for sure to please donations, for your nonprofit or community project, nearly all of which you can ask for online!

Plane Tickets for Auctions and Raffles

Nearly all airlines in the United States accept requests for plane ticket donations. Try these carriers that service most of America and have broad donation focuses.

  1. Southwest Airlines will take donation requests online at least 60 days before an event date. Schools and sports teams are ineligible, but otherwise charities just need to serve near a community where Southwest operates.
  2. Delta will consider sponsorship requests at least 90 days before an event, from any nonprofit that is serving communities in which it works or flies.
  3. JetBlue has a simple online form for any charity near a city in which it operates (more than 90). Make sure you ask 3 months prior to your event.

airline game tickets raffle auction

Cruises that Donate for Auctions

American-based cruise ship companies donate tickets from their operating ports to a select number of charities annually.

  1. Carnival Foundation donates cruise tickets for programs that help children and youth, with a focus on the communities in which it operates. Proposals need to be mailed and received 4 to 6 months before your event.
  2. Royal Caribbean Cruises supports marine conservation and education projects with cruise and cash donations. They have a simple online form that needs to be submitted at least 90 days in advance.

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Professional Sports Teams that Give

Almost all professional sports teams allow nonprofits to request either memorable gear or tickets to events. They each have a particular process, but usually it only requires a simple online request.

  1. Major League Baseball: Check your neighborhood team site, which likely gives tickets to nonprofits if you make request a few weeks in advance.
  2. National Basketball Association: All teams differ in their proposal requirements, but it is likely your local team will donate either tickets or merchandise. (Select your team from the drop-down menu.)
  3. NFL Foundation: Nearly all NFL teams give back to their communities with ticket donations and/or merchandise. The NFL Foundation has a specific grant program as well for community-based organizations.
  4. National Hockey League: Check your specific team’s site. Some clubs support requests for tickets, while others focus on grants. Nearly all teams give in some way!
  5. MLS Soccer: Your team likely donates time, merchandise, or tickets. Ask for a special appearance or a lunch date with a famous player along with game day tickets!
  6. Minor League Teams: Whether AAA baseball, college sports, or unique community-based teams, almost all sports teams in your area will consider donating tickets. Be creative and ask around!

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Merchandise for Auctions

Most stores will donate goods if asked, and major corporations often have designated donation request forms that are simple for charities to complete. Here are just a few ideas!

  1. Crabtree & Evelyn will provide gift baskets or select products for your event, if you ask at least 60 days in advance with their online form.
  2. Keurig/Green Mountain Coffee donates your pick of a Keurig system or coffee for 500 cups! You need to be in one of their prime service areas to be considered.
  3. Nike takes requests for product donations, especially for programs that help children and youth become more active and that promote equality.
  4. Otter Box will donate a $90 gift certificate good for merchandise on its website, for requests received at least 60 days before an event.
  5. Dick’s Sporting Goods has an online request form for any charity supporting sports and recreation with stores in its service area.

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Entertainment Ideas for Raffles and Auctions

  1. Six Flags donates tickets to its amusement parks for local nonprofits. You will have to reach out to your local park.
  2. Sea World Parks and Entertainment donates to community projects as well in areas it serves. Each local park has different criteria but donates hundreds of tickets annually.
  3. Marriott offers hotel sponsorship packages for nonprofits promoting “SERVE” principles: shelter and food, environment, readiness for hotel careers, vitality of children, and embracing global diversity and inclusion.
  4. Fairmont Hotels will accept donation requests via email. They have some luxurious getaway properties all over the world!
  5. AMC Theatres provides up to 10 movie passes to qualifying nonprofits.


Many more opportunities are out there, so take a look at your favorite merchandisers or companies that have branches in your area for even more donation ideas.

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