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Below is an example of a typical donation request letter from an organization to a current supporter (rather than a solicitation for new supporters). Feel free to copy it and modify it for your fundraising needs. For any other use, please contact us. (More fundraising letters and templates…)


donation request current supporter



Dear Mr.___,

First of all, I wanted to thank you for your faithful support. Over the years, [your group’s name] has helped many people, but that doesn’t mean we ever forget anyone who has helped make that possible. You are one of those people. It doesn’t matter whether you have given $5 or $5,000 in the past—it takes all kinds of thread to make a quilt.

A quilt—a patchwork of material sewn together into a blanket—what an apt comparison to what we do here at [your group’s name]. People whose lives have been ripped apart by cancer, made whole again through the generosity of people like you. People like Edward, diagnosed last year with a rare cancer.

But [your group’s name] heard about his predicament, and we were able to help. Through cash and in-kind donations, we were able to raise the money needed for his last-ditch operation. As of this date in 2009, Edward is doing fine, back home with his wife and daughter, by all appearances a recovering cancer survivor. But it wouldn’t have been possible without folks like you.

Which brings me to the main point of this letter. We’ve recently been selected as the non-profit organization of the month by _______. That means that for every dollar that’s donated in May, ______ will match it with a dollar of their own. Obviously, we’re excited about this wonderful opportunity to have the chance to help twice as many people as we normally do!

But, like an unopened gift, if no one takes advantage of it, it is worthless.

Would you be able to help this month with a little extra? We’ve enclosed a special response card with all the necessary information, and a self-addressed stamped envelope, so that all you need to do is write a check and drop it in the mail (we know you’re busy).

Or, if you’re online, you can go to our website [your group’s website] and click on “Donate to the May Fundraiser” to make sure your donation counts toward the double impact.

Once again, thank you for your continued support, and know that Edward, and many others like him, may not be alive today were it not for you.



P.S. Please accept my personal invitation to join us for the annual [your group’s name] Banquet in _________ on _________ from 6:00-8:00 PM. I’d love to see you there!


The response card should have information about who to make checks out to as well as suggested amounts for donation. Break it down for potential donors: “$25 buys 4 turkey dinners/$50 buys 10 turkey dinners/$100 buys 25 turkey dinners”.

The SASE (Self-address stamped envelope) is always a good idea if your organization can afford it, because it’s one less step for people to have to do themselves. Consider pre-printed envelopes so that you’re only charged for the mailing if people use the envelope, rather than wasting a stamp in each mailing.

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