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In a perfect world, all benefactors of your fundraising campaign would step up every time to do their part in your fundraising campaign. But ours not being a perfect world, that’s probably not going to happen. To make the most of your fundraiser, it often pays to give your volunteers extra reasons to sign up and follow through with their responsibilities.

Coming Up With Fundraising Incentives

Finding motivating fundraising incentives is a bit of a task, but it may not be as hard as you think it will be. There are two simple places to look for proven fundraising incentives.

First off, ask past fundraising volunteers what incentives have been used in the past and what worked to motivate them. Look back through available fundraising records to determine ways your group has successfully motivated volunteers and sellers in the past.

Your other resource is your fundraising company. Suppliers and fundraising companies have been in the business of marketing and promoting the sale of their products for years. They have a lot of information to share. Tap that resource. Fundraising companies are happy to share their incentive ideas because they want your fundraiser to be a success. In many cases, you’ll find that the incentive program has already been built into your fundraising program in the form of small prizes. There might be little or nothing for you to do at all.

Other ways to motivate your volunteers:

* Develop a statement of the benefits the group will enjoy from a successful fundraiser:
Give them something to sell for that will affect each seller or a loved one personally. Communicate those benefits to supporters as well; give the statement to sellers as a selling aid.

* Increase the perceived value of what is purchased or enjoyed:
For example, funds raised for sporting equipment keep kids engaged in healthy activity and keep them off the streets and out of trouble.

Fun Fundraising Incentives

Truly, fundraising should be fun. There are lots of ways to put fun into your fundraiser while providing an incentive.

* Hold raffles amongst sellers who have reached incremental sales.

* Depending on the age group, arrange for ‘inflatable games’ when a fundraising goal is reached. This may be an incentive for fundraisers all the way up to high school age.

* Arrange a fun event like cream pie throwing, head shaving or a dunk tank, when a specific dollar goal is reached. This works best when an authority figure volunteers to be the ‘victim.’

* Give a prize or have a pizza party for the team or class that raises the most funds.

* Give gift certificates to early sellers who reach a designated goal.

Focusing on the fun of fundraising keeps the campaign fresh and invigorating; rewarding great volunteers shows they are appreciated. Showing that appreciation in the form of an incentive, party, recognition, or prize will ensure volunteers work to the best of their fundraising ability for you.

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