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Americans spend nearly 19 billion a year, $130 per person, on Valentine’s Day presents – wooing that spending to you instead of to the local mall can boost your nonprofit revenue this winter! Here are 7 ways to spin the day of love into a day of giving with a Valentine’s Day-themed fundraiser for your nonprofit. (Source: CNN.)

1. Alternative Flower Sale

The 100 million roses grown for Valentine’s Day produce 9000 metric tons of carbon dioxide – they have the greatest single impact to climate change of any other crop. (More about this here.)

Shop instead for local, sustainable flowers that you can sell this Valentine’s Day, whether it be a potted houseplant or a coupon credit for a bouquet when spring comes and flowers are naturally blooming. You can also team up with a local flower shop to sell native plants – share your promotions list and split the profits with them.

Another option, if you are in a really cold place, make paper flowers!


2. Virtual Wall of Valentines

If you have a gift shop set up, either in-house or online, with every purchase ask customers if they want to spend an additional $1, $2, or $5 to name a Valentine on a hearts poster wall. Then add their name and personal message to a virtual Wall on your Facebook page or website! The theme of the Valentine can be a message like “I bought this Valentine in honor of my daughter, Rebecca because she loves her local aquarium and I love her.”

3. Romantic Getaway Raffles

Many couples cannot afford to go away for an entire weekend, but can afford to buy raffle tickets! Pair up with a local spa or resort for a discounted getaway weekend to benefit your nonprofit.  You can also partner with a museum or other nonprofit for visitor tickets, or raffle romantic movie or play tickets to your local theater.

4. Auction Gift Baskets for Valentine’s Day!

Gift baskets are a Valentine’s staple present, perfect for not just romantic partners, but also moms and daughters. Ask a handful of generous volunteers to make gift baskets for you to auction, with different indulgence themes of sweets, bath products, kitchen cutlery, wine tasting, etc. If they can’t personally afford to buy the materials, they can ask your local stores for donations, or use crafts! Green craft ideas like recycled glasses and jewelry can be found here.

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5. Be Mine Lollipop Sales

Try a bake sale with a twist! Make Valentine lollipops in a few simple steps with heart candy molds purchased at your local craft store. If mixing hard candy is daunting to you, you can use chocolate. Try Food Network’s easy to follow instructions. Altogether, your costs will be less than a dollar a pop, and kids will easily buy them to give to their best friends for $2 or $3 each. You can make some quick cash and have some fun candy shop bonding time with volunteers.

6. Couples Valentine Dinner

If you have an interesting venue you can share, such as a nature center, a private gazebo on your property, or even just an art-filled room, host a dinner for Valentine’s couples. You can partner with a local caterer, or, better yet, a famous local chef, to split half the proceeds for your cause.

7. Singles Valentine Dinner

Alternatively, have a fun dinner for singles who want to spend time with their friends! You can raffle tables for a local foods buffet, host a wine tasting with cheeses and other appetizers, or bring in local fast food businesses for a junk food fest. You can even auction off dates with the help of a few hunky volunteers!

Help the public spread their love this year by including you in their Valentine’s spending! Whether it be from offering alternative gifts with a social conscious or direct charitable support, you can put together a number of different fun fundraisers to boost donations to your cause.

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