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Even if your group has a website – what if a PayPal Donation button isn’t enough and you still need help with marketing, email services and tracking your donations? Consider trying on of the dozens of online fundraising sites available; we’ve combed the web for you and have come up with a list of the 15 (or so) most popular ones.

Which one is the right one for you? First, make a list of what kind of services you need: online payments and tracking, online auctions, volunteer management, marketing, e-mail campaigns, website design and hosting? Anything else?

Then – remember that each of these online fundraising sites is in business to make money from the groups that sign up with them – compare services and fees of three to five of the fundraising services listed. Fees to consider are one-time setup fees, any monthly fees and per transaction fees. Some fees might be higher or lower depending on how much you collect in donation dollars.


Popular Online Fundraising Sites


Each of the websites below provides a variety of services, some which might be useful for your group, some won’t. Be sure you don’t pay for services you don’t need and that the customer support offered is sufficient for you. Of course, make sure the website itself appeals to you and is easy to use! (Tip: Raising funds online may present new legal considerations for your group. It may be best to consult your legal adviser before raising funds online.)

Finally, in order to raise funds online through one of these companies, your group usually has to be an officially registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Are you ready to apply for non-profit status?

So here we go, the 15 (or so) most popular online fundraising sites – in no particular order:

(Note: Kickstarter.com isn’t mentioned here because they don’t allow charity fundraising.)



Individuals and nonprofits can use Fundly’s crowdfunding platform to raise money for nearly any, cause, project, or event. Plus, Fundly’s “keep-it-all” approach means that you don’t have to reach your goal to keep the funds you raise.

online fundraising site - fundly



The mission at DonorsChoose is to help schools (and classrooms!) in need. If a school wants to launch a campaign, the teachers must determine what supplies they need, and then the DonorsChoose team will verify the request before the school is allowed to post on the site. Once a project is fully funded, DonorsChoose will purchase the items and send them directly to the school.

online fundraising site - DonorsChoose



Allows charitable, business and personal fundraising. (Now partnered with Generosity.)

online fundraising site - go fund me



Virgin Money Giving is a UK-only crowdfunding platform where you can create a fundraising and event registration pages. You can customize your fundraising page with your nonprofit’s logo, images, text, and more pages.

VIrgin Money Giving



Donations processed by NetworkForGood.org.
online fundraising site - crowdrise



Just Give can help individuals raise money for weddings, memorials, and their favorite causes. Nonprofits can also set up branded fundraising pages and use the Just Give donation button on their websites to direct supporters to their donation pages.

online fundraising site - Just Give



Qgiv offers easy-to-use donation and peer-to-peer pages for nonprofits. With Qgiv’s platform, nonprofits can build a complete customized donation page or a peer-to-peer campaign (where supporters create individual fundraising pages).

qgiv fundraising



Individuals and nonprofits can use Razoo to raise funds for causes related to education, environment, arts and culture, and so much more. With Razoo, you can set up a fundraising page in minutes and make your page compelling by using their customization features.

online fundraising site - razoo



online fundraising site - Go Get Funding



This company is also the nonprofit processing partner for Causes on Facebook
online fundraising site - network for good



Since 2001 GivenGain has helped launch over 3,000 cause campaigns and 11,000 activist campaigns. GivenGain is known for two things: helping individuals raise money for their favorite causes and developing sustainable fundraising strategies for organizations.

online fundraising site - given gain



Allows donations to cover credit card processing fees.




(JustGiving.com in the UK)
online fundraising site - FirstGiving


If you need online donor and fundraising management software and drive engagement and actions:











Soapbox Engage



After comparing some of these services, ask yourself, if the money you’re going to spend in the form of fees – which reduces your donation dollars – is really worth the service you’re getting.

Maybe recruiting more volunteers, or putting more effort into marketing your fundraiser would be sufficient for your group.

Unlike our 100+ Fundraising Ideas this list is much shorter!

Did we forget a service that you really like? Please leave it in the comments so we can add it with our next update!

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  1. thank you so much for sharing this knowledge. There is one more fund raising charity which work for orphan children.

  2. There are so many providers it can get really overwhelming. As others mentioned, it is important to look at the fees charged. CharityWeb has been helping nonprofits since 1997 and offers peer-to-peer branded fundraising pages for a fraction of the processing costs. We are a great option for organzations who want a full online donation platform — donation, event registration, and peer-to-peer fundraising. Check us out at http://www.charityweb.net.

  3. There are a lot of crowdfunding platforms out there but you have to make sure you check the fees involved. Many of the popular sites we know have up 10% or even higher take on the total contributions which can actually turn really huge in the end.

    Not to mention you also have the responsibility to give rewards which also costs money.

    Do the math before you setup any campaign. Better yet you can actually setup a simple website or free blog where you can place your pitch and maybe you can use fundify wp theme or a simple crowdfunding widget like https://www.thrinacia.com/reach

    Good luck to all your efforts on crowdfunding!

  4. Another good one that is coming off the ground is Share and Raise (www.shareandraise.com)
    The owners of the crowdfunding platform, have them self issues and created the platform because of that to help other people with similar issues. It’s still pretty new but they help you with reaching your goal, not any other platform does that.

  5. This looks like a pretty solid list of service providers in the industry, but I noticed that https://www.donationpay.org is missing. We provide totally customized payment pages that match our clients websites, with pricing far lower than other services that provide customized fundraising solutions (like the mentioned Network for Good and Convio).

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