Besides the opportunities to meet life-long friends and acquire valuable life skills, one of the top reasons to join a sorority is the chance to engage in community service, especially through fundraising. That being said, you can strengthen your fundraising efforts by hosting engaging events. Fundraising

From recruitment to graduation, your brothers or sisters all pitch in to help your chapter thrive through fundraising. Not only do your members fundraise to offset internal costs such as dues, but they also fundraise to satisfy one of your core values: community service. By

This was a guest post contributed by Debbie Salat at ABC Fundraising.  If you’re looking for the perfect year-end fundraiser for your organization, school, or church, look no further than product fundraising. Product fundraisers are staples for community organizations and schools because they provide a

Many nonprofits struggle with board member engagement. Board members are often busy people with a lot going on in their lives outside of the boardroom. However, they’ve made commitments to your mission, and getting them engaged should be a priority for your organization. Fundraising is

Giving Tuesday is a global giving movement that takes place the Tuesday after Thanksgiving in the United States. This day offers an unparalleled opportunity for nonprofits to bring in significant funding in a short time span.  In fact, 35 million adults in the U.S. participated

Hybrid fundraising has gained momentum as a way to bring fundraising events to both live and virtual audiences. Think of it as the “best of both worlds.” There are two audiences engaged in your fundraising, at the same time, just from different locations. It doesn’t

Like many schools, yours is likely always thinking up new fundraising ideas to keep your programs running while also creating memorable experiences for your students. After all, school carnivals, read-a-thons, and talent shows are all fundraisers and many students’ favorite school experiences.  One school fundraising

While many of us have participated in school fundraisers in the past, schools are not generally the first organizations we consider when we think about fundraising initiatives. Nonprofit organizations are generally better known for their prowess at launching impactful fundraisers.  Nonprofit organizations raise money for

In 2020, the nonprofit world flipped on its head with the cancellation of all events. Event managers had to think swiftly to recover funds that otherwise would have come from galas, walks, and other thriving fundraisers, and virtual events saved the day. Now that many

Association members join for networking, education, and enrichment opportunities. Operating an association can be challenging as you try to manage the moving parts of membership retention, plan engaging activities, and create valuable learning experiences. It can be expensive to host and create those opportunities for

Picture this: An animal rescue nonprofit is working to raise money for a dog park. A few weeks into the fundraising campaign, the team decides it’s time to go back to the drawing board since their efforts to gather donations don’t seem to be working.

As a performing arts program administrator, you’re likely familiar with the challenges of securing funding. Selling tickets to performances and soliciting major gifts are just two parts of bringing in enough donations to make your program the best it can be. Determining how to fundraise

We’ve written before about the importance of corporate giving vendors in nonprofit fundraising. One such platform is POINT. In this guide, we’re going to dive deeper into that solution and see what you, as a nonprofit fundraising professional, should know about it. Specifically, we’ll cover

Fundraising is an integral part of how churches work. They provide spiritual services, community, and programming to congregants for free, and rely on generous donations and tithes to keep their doors open. When they have a reliable revenue stream, churches can give back to their

Your nonprofit’s website is your “home” on the internet and the main area where supporters interact with you. It serves a number of supporter engagement functions, from collecting donations, to sharing educational resources, to facilitating advocacy campaigns. That’s why it’s crucial for your site to