Improving your camp’s day-to-day operations is crucial, especially for providing the very best experience possible to your campers. However, monitoring and promoting the growth of your business is essential to continue to do what you love: making a difference in campers’ lives. It’s never too

Nonprofit organizations exist in a different world from for-profit organizations—however, they share some key similarities. For instance, nonprofits solicit donors to make gifts to help further their cause; businesses solicit customers to purchase items or services to increase their revenue. Nonprofits seek out major donors

Whether you’re hosting a capital campaign, trying to increase major gifts, or looking to personalize your donor communications, wealth screening is an invaluable tool. However, many nonprofits are unfamiliar with the ins and outs of the wealth screening process. To clear up any confusion, we’ll

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing, the Google Ad Grant stands as a beacon of opportunity for nonprofits. With up to $10,000 per month in free advertising credits, this grant empowers organizations to reach wider audiences, drive traffic to their websites, and amplify their

Nonprofit organizations must always be on the lookout for funding possibilities. Whether these are foundation grants, community awards, or gifts from various corporations, nonprofits should be prepared to write effective proposals when the perfect opportunities arise. Maybe you’ve already learned the basics of grant writing as

Bibles, books, group studies, and other reading materials offer valuable encouragement for those in your women’s ministry. But to access these critical resources, you’ll need to employ effective fundraising for your church. While ministry may be your primary focus, you still need funds to support

It’s no secret that ticket sales are an essential revenue stream for many museums. In fact, earned income can make up anywhere from 40% to 70% of a museum’s annual budget. Although admissions revenue is just one type of income that falls into this category,

Every goal needs a plan to get there, whether you’re trying to learn an instrument, scale a mountain, or enact positive change in your community. From fundraising to advocacy, your nonprofit engages in a variety of activities to make a difference in the lives of those you

If your nonprofit’s emails are getting lost in supporters’ inboxes or your organization isn’t seeing the results it used to, you may be thinking about exploring other avenues. But email is a staple of nonprofit marketing, so can you afford to move away from it completely?

In today’s fundraising landscape, every dollar counts. And what’s better than the amount of funds your organization is currently receiving? If you could double that number! With the power of matching gifts and matching grants, that possibility can become your reality. In this blog post,

As a nonprofit professional, you’re constantly on the lookout for the latest and greatest fundraising ideas for your cause. Fortunately, as technology advances, many tools have emerged for engaging supporters, including text-to-give. Thanks to the prevalence of mobile phones in today’s society, text-to-give is a powerful addition

In the world of fundraising, every dollar counts, which is why matching gifts have become a valuable tool for nonprofits looking to maximize their impact. Matching gifts allow nonprofits to double or even triple their donations. By partnering with corporations that offer matching gift programs,

Integrating digital strategies is crucial for just about any fundraiser when it comes to streamlining the process and maximizing your fundraising potential. When you’re working to take your organization’s fundraiser to the next level, consider these top five strategies for planning digital campaigns: Streamline your

Think about the worst marketing message you’ve received in your inbox. Maybe it started with a generic greeting, or, worse, a misspelling of your name. Maybe it had a desperate or patronizing tone. Whatever the case, it probably left a bad taste in your mouth

Your nonprofit’s constituent relationship management (CRM) software is pivotal to your fundraising success. Your CRM houses all of your most important data and enables you to better understand donors, ultimately boosting gifts to fuel your mission. This makes it crucial that your CRM is comprehensive and tailored