Integrating digital strategies is crucial for just about any fundraiser when it comes to streamlining the process and maximizing your fundraising potential. When you’re working to take your organization’s fundraiser to the next level, consider these top five strategies for planning digital campaigns: Streamline your

Think about the worst marketing message you’ve received in your inbox. Maybe it started with a generic greeting, or, worse, a misspelling of your name. Maybe it had a desperate or patronizing tone. Whatever the case, it probably left a bad taste in your mouth

Your nonprofit’s constituent relationship management (CRM) software is pivotal to your fundraising success. Your CRM houses all of your most important data and enables you to better understand donors, ultimately boosting gifts to fuel your mission. This makes it crucial that your CRM is comprehensive and tailored

If you’ve ever organized a school fundraiser, you may look back and remember all of the time and planning it took to pull it off. Maybe you spent weeks or even months selecting the perfect fundraising idea, promoting the campaign using posters and flyers, reaching

With corporate philanthropy trending positively for businesses everywhere, companies are more excited than ever to support nonprofits like yours. Through sponsorships, employee giving initiatives, and other corporate social responsibility programs, businesses can improve their reputations, customer relationships, and employee satisfaction —and give your nonprofit a major

Running a nonprofit means you’ll need to inspire generosity to garner monetary support from your donors. Then, you’ll need to manage your finances well to ensure that your beneficiaries receive the help they need. Although your supporters want to help power your mission, there are a multitude

Imagine this—you’re experiencing a live auction event atmosphere that is bustling with excitement, energy, and enthusiasm. The auctioneer sets a quick, engaging pace that invites bidders to support the associated charitable cause wholeheartedly. You look around the ballroom and start to notice each guest seems

The use of artificial intelligence in the nonprofit sector has fundamentally changed the way organizations spread their message and increase donations. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation even equipped 50 grant recipients with funding to support their efforts to use AI tools to create community health and development

Workplace giving is a favorite form of corporate philanthropy for the companies, employees, and nonprofits involved. These programs enable businesses to make the most of generosity and corporate social responsibility (CSR) while encouraging team members to take an active role in their giving success. If

It’s been said that health is wealth. But for healthcare organizations like yours that are committed to improving how they serve patients and communities, pulling in fundraising revenue is a critical aspect of your operations. Not only does fundraising allow you to pay your staff, invest in

Today, a company’s success is not only measured by its financial performance but by its commitment to making a positive impact on the world. This transformation in perspective has given rise to a powerful force: corporate philanthropy. This guide is designed to be your compass

We’ve written before about the importance of corporate giving vendors in nonprofit fundraising. One such platform is POINT. In this guide, we’re going to dive deeper into that solution and see what you, as a nonprofit fundraising professional, should know about it. Specifically, we’ll cover

As a leader in your company, you’re always on the lookout for innovative ideas to improve employee productivity, spread brand awareness, and attract talented additions to your team. What if we told you there’s a way to achieve all that while making the world a

With advancements in technology, nonprofits have an incredible opportunity to revolutionize the way in which they engage with donors, cultivate relationships, and approach the donor journey. The donor journey is the path individuals take from initial awareness to becoming dedicated supporters. At a basic level, it encompasses the

Working for an organization committed to social good can be fulfilling work. However, it can just as easily be draining, and even the most passionate employees are subject to burnout, declining motivation, and disengagement.  This is a problem that plagues both for- and nonprofit organizations,