Annual giving is a hot topic for nonprofit fundraising, and organizations like yours are always looking for new and improved ways to bring their efforts to the next level. And that’s why matching gifts and annual giving campaigns go hand in hand. In this guide,

It is no secret that nonprofits thrive off of the relationships they build with their donor base. Nonprofit organizations are fueled by the support, time, and dollars given by their donors. The maintenance of these donor relationships is crucial, but the best way to grow

Billions of dollars of corporate giving revenue are left on the table each year⁠—largely through workplace giving programs such as matching gifts, volunteer grants, and more. In order to aid with closing the funding gap, more and more nonprofits are beginning to proactively target available

At Fundraising IP, we know a lot about matching gifts and how they go to elevate fundraising at institutions of all shapes, sizes, and missions. Here, we’ll focus on matching gifts and higher education organizations like colleges and universities. Unfortunately, research by matching gift experts

Today’s dog parks bear little resemblance to those of yore. Not only are they designed with a range of amenities for both dogs and their humans, but they also add value to communities, supporting walkable neighborhoods and strong social ties. However, funding to build dog

Sending out a donation request letter for your animal-focused nonprofit can be daunting. Letters asking for donations are constantly sent out by animal-focused charities and groups worldwide. So how can you meet your fundraising goals by making your donation request stand out in such a

Whether you’re new to the world of fundraising or you’re a professional who’s been running campaigns for years, you know that there are a lot of options out there for raising money for your cause. Between the many online fundraising platforms to choose from and

Many nonprofits typically lean on more traditional fundraising methods like dues, raffles, and events to raise money. But there are other, less thought of methods of fundraising that involve leveraging physical assets; mainly, it involves earning rental income. Renting out owned space makes sense for

When a new board member undergoes training, the hope is that they’ll enter the program as an eager, curious trainee and come out the other side ready to tackle their role and all the challenges that come with it. Of course, that dream doesn’t always

Your nonprofit’s brand is essentially the visual image that you put out into the community to remind your community members of who your organization is, your mission, and your general personality. It’s the core of your marketing strategy and helps develop your organization’s reputation. With more than 1.6

Workplace giving programs are incredibly impactful forms of corporate philanthropy offered by thousands of businesses across the globe. These initiatives enable a company’s employees to have a direct say in their employers’ charitability—including the amount contributed overall and the specific organizations that receive funding⁠—through their

A capital campaign is a large-scale fundraising campaign that a nonprofit carries out over a set time period (usually several years) in order to bring in a large amount of money. This money is typically used to secure new equipment or construct a new facility,

Corporate philanthropy is a powerful business practice that ultimately benefits nonprofits in significantly positive ways. Yet many organizations fail to realize the potential of these fundraising practices or even the extent to which they are available. That’s why we’ve put together this list of top

Workplace giving is a favorite form of corporate philanthropy for the companies, employees, and nonprofits involved. These types of programs enable businesses to make the most of charitability and CSR (or corporate social responsibility) while encouraging team members to take an active role in their

Matching gifts are one of the most popular types of corporate philanthropy for nonprofits, donors, and employers. Thousands of companies⁠—of all shapes and sizes⁠—offer corporate matching gift initiatives for their staff. If you run a business that’s developing a matching gift program (or are still