Online fundraising is more important than ever before⁠—which means that the tools you choose to power your efforts should be chosen with care. Luckily, there are hundreds of online fundraising sites at your fingertips. We’ve combed the web and come up with a list of

Many nonprofits, schools, and other mission-based organizations rely on fundraising strategies to support their programming and day-to-day operations. As a fundraising professional at one of these types of organizations, you likely have a network of dedicated donors to help fund your mission.  Yet hosting the

Raffles and auctions can be great fundraisers. They depend almost entirely on what prizes and other items you get to raffle or auction though! First and foremost, the items you raffle off should be free, low cost, or donated so you make a good profit.

Nearly 57 million students enrolled in school in the United States in 2019, according to the National Center of Education Statistics. Only around 10% of those students were in private school.  Many families cannot afford to send their children to private schools, even if they

Fundraising thermometers are great donation tracking tools that work in real-time at events, on your virtual fundraising page, or internally with your fundraising team. Here is a quick guide on why they work, how and when to use them, and where to find some free

Nearly every charity, nonprofit or social enterprise is eligible for at least a few grants. Writing and submitting proposals can be incredibly time-consuming! That is why it is very important to make sure you spend time researching and identifying the best opportunities first. How do

There are many circumstances when getting people together to host a fundraising event simply isn’t feasible, whether it be social distancing during a pandemic or just simply geographic distance. Luckily, there are plenty of ways you can bring people together in unique ways to generate

Following is a sample donation request letter for local museums. Feel free to copy it and modify it for your fundraising needs. For any other use, please contact us. (More fundraising letters and templates…) You may also like: Sample Fundraising Letter – Community Fund for

Evaluate and compare as many different products and companies as you like with this printable PDF! This checklist offers an at-a-glance overview, logistical and planning considerations, and company-specific questions to help you decide which product fundraiser is best for your group. To find the right

Are you ready to plan for your upcoming fundraising year? Check out the list of awareness dates and holidays to make sure you don’t miss any fundraising opportunities! Cause awareness days, weeks, and months are a fantastic way to link your school, nonprofit, or business

“Who’s going to do all the work?” Use this checklist as a guide to help you get started in setting up a new fundraising committee. Be sure to find out if there are any rules or guidelines that need to be followed if you’re setting

Quickly gain an insightful overview of your upcoming fundraising season with our one-page “Set Goals for Your Next Fundraising Season Checklist.” No email required! Download it below. It will help you define your goals for your upcoming fundraising season. This checklist helps you to understand

2020 was a tough year, but it forced us as a nonprofit fundraising community to innovate and renovate in amazing ways that will resonate long into the future. So what exactly did we learn about fundraising in 2020? These are some of the top takeaways.

Whether you’re entering your first campaign or are a seasoned fundraising professional, you likely understand that the key to successful fundraising lies in donor engagement. When a supporter is fully engaged in your campaign, they’re much more likely to donate and contribute in other ways

As you surely know, fundraising in 2020 has been a wild ride for nonprofits of all shapes and sizes. Now, as GivingTuesday approaches, fundraising professionals such as yourself are working overtime to ensure their campaigns are ready to bring in as much revenue as possible